123NET network points across Michigan

123NET’s Strategic Fiber Expansion in Michigan

Based in Southfield, Michigan, 123.Net, Inc. (123NET), a leading telecommunications carrier in the state, is embarking on an ambitious fiber expansion project. This initiative involves a partnership with a multinational, Tier 1 Internet service provider to enhance the region’s connectivity infrastructure significantly. The project focuses on interlinking several large multi-tenant buildings in Southfield with advanced, high-capacity fiber optic lines under a 20-year IRU agreement.

Meeting the Demand for Dark Fiber

Bob Evenson, the Carrier Relations Manager at 123NET, notes a surge in demand for dark fiber within the carrier market. This latest venture is a testament to 123NET’s ability to craft tailored solutions that meet the specific needs of carriers. The project is currently in its second phase, following a successful initial phase that brought high-bandwidth Internet connectivity to numerous enterprises in Troy, Michigan.

Commitment to Quality and Expansion

Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development at 123NET, expressed satisfaction with the first phase’s outcomes and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to investing in the resources necessary to make 123NET Michigan’s go-to provider for custom dark fiber solutions. This dedication is evident in the company’s recent strides, which include deploying over 300 route miles of dark fiber rings within the year and managing the Detroit Internet Exchange. These efforts underscore 123NET’s role as a crucial player in providing last-mile solutions to national carriers throughout Michigan.

123NET’s Role in Michigan’s Connectivity Future

123NET’s ongoing projects are not just about expanding its service offerings; they’re about reshaping the digital landscape of Michigan. By providing carriers with unprecedented access to state-of-the-art infrastructure, 123NET is setting the stage for businesses across the state to thrive in an increasingly connected world. As the company continues to lay down miles of dark fiber and foster partnerships with major internet service providers, it’s clear that 123NET is committed to being at the forefront of Michigan’s telecommunications evolution.