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Discover the 9th Largest Internet Exchange Point in the United States

What Is The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX)?

Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), a not-for-profit Regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP), offers a collaborative environment where networks come together to exchange traffic. By connecting to DET-iX, members can reduce the amount of traffic purchased from an upstream transit provider. 

Who Can Connect to the Detroit Internet Exchange?

Any organization with an ASN and IP addresses can connect to DET-iX. Internet Service Providers, Content Delivery Networks, Academic Institutions, Local Governments, Automotive Manufacturing companies, and many others can benefit from connecting to DET-iX. 

The Future of DET-iX: A Commitment to Innovation

As technology evolves, so does the DET-iX. We understand that the digital landscape is ever-changing, and staying ahead of the curve is crucial for any organization. That’s why we’re committed to continually investing in our infrastructure and services to meet the growing demands of our diverse member base. By being a part of DET-iX, you’re not just joining an Internet Exchange Point; you’re becoming a part of a community shaping the future of Internet connectivity.

Why Join The DET-iX?

Joining the Detroit Internet Exchange is FREE and offers several benefits, including: 

  1. Cost savings: Routing a large percentage of traffic through an exchange reduces spend on transit providers. Plus, ports at DET-iX are free. 
  1. Improved end-user experience: Create more direct paths between networks, reduce hops, increase network speed, and lower latency. 
  1. Increased redundancy: Adding peers minimizes transit provider dependence. 
  1. Larger bandwidth capacity: Distribute large traffic amounts across many networks. 

Conditions of Joining

  • Have Control of an Autonomous System Number (ASN) & IP Addresses (/24 or Larger)
  • Network Access to a DET-iX Enabled Data Center
  • Create an Entry in PeeringDB (

Become a Member

For more information, use one of the following methods to contact: