Fiber optic cable being installed in downtown area for internet and network access


Same reliable internet – made for a small business setting.

Small Business Fiber Internet

Unlock unparalleled connectivity with 123NET’s Small Business Fiber, the ultimate solution tailored for today’s dynamic business needs. Whether you’re leveraging Business-VoIP-Cloud Applications, managing remote workers, ensuring offsite backups, or conducting high-definition video meetings and live streaming, 123NET Small Business Fiber ensures seamless, high-speed, and reliable connections. Don’t let your business be held back by subpar cable, choose 123NET’s Small Business Fiber and experience the future of connectivity today.

The Difference Between Small Business Fiber & Cable

Small Business Fiber is our direct way to compete with cable internet. There are many ways in which it is different, but you are getting a better solution for your business. Look at the table below to discover the differences between 123NET Small Business Fiber and your typical Coax Cable.

Up to 1 Gbps BANDWIDTH Speeds Up to 1 Gbps
Matching Speeds SPEED Non-Matching Speeds
Scalable CAPACITY Restricted
25-Years LIFECYCLE 5-Years
Balanced UPLOAD Limited
24/7 Monitoring & Local Dedicated Support SUPPORT Unmonitored & International Support
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Right Image

How can I get Small Business Fiber Internet?

123NET’s Small Business Fiber Service is a specific to close-to-network or on-network businesses, although it depends on side of the road, proximity, and a few other factors, Please reach out directly to 123NET to see if your business qualifies for this service.

It’s all about security, speed, reliability, and making your work-place more efficient.

More Security

Unlike cable lines, fiber networks are harder to attack because they do not radiate signals. With 24/7 monitoring, this provides an additional layer of protection to mitigate threats.

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More Reliability

With fiber, you do not have to worry about interference from electronic or radio signals. Additionally, old and worn cable can present a fire hazard, due to the fact that it carries an electric current.

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Greater Efficiency

Fiber provides a faster and more reliable connection. Cable relied on electricity to transmit data and takes significantly longer with its asymmetrical restricted speeds to upload or download a file.


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