Reduce the Headache of Maintaining Your Own Data Center

Michigan’s Best Connected Data Centers

In today’s busy business world, having a fast and reliable network is key to getting more done and cutting costs. If your business is based in Michigan, 123NET’s top-notch data center services are the perfect fit for you. These networks make sure you stay connected all the time, so you can focus on what you do best without worrying about network issues.

Building and running your own data center can take a lot of time and money. But there’s a better way. You can put your setup in a 123NET Data Center. It’s a safe, well-connected option that won’t break the bank.

Data Center Locations To Serve All Of Michigan

Data center 1 located in Detroit Michigan


With a colocation space of 80,000 sq. Ft. 123NET’s Detroit-based (DC1) Data Center is the company’s headquarters. This advanced data facility is a highly desirable colocation space for Michigan’s leading enterprises and is home to the Detroit Internet Exchange. 

colocation data center in Southfield Mi.


This Southfield-based Data Center (DC2) is the best for businesses that need basic server space, power, and cooling services—twin space to DC3, the 8,000 Sq. Ft. of colocation space is best for small to medium businesses with connectivity services. 

data center 3 located in the metro Detroit suburb of Southfield Michigan.


The second Southfield-based Data Center (DC3) is original to 123NET, being one of the first two data centers for the company. It’s 8,000 Sq. Ft. of colocation space includes security functions like multi-factor authentication, keypad access, and closed-circuit security cameras. 

Server Colocation Data Center 4 located in Grand Rapids Michigan.


On the West side of the state, 123NET’s Grand Rapids Data Center has 3,500 Sq—ft. of colocation space. Companies use DC4 as a primary colocation solution or as a backup data center space from 123NET’s other Southfield-based data centers, which abide by geodiversity requirements.

Colocation Space That Grows With Your Business

Michigan businesses can benefit from 123NET’s Data Centers, which offer connected and highly secure colocation solutions at a cost-effective price. Customers can choose from various options, including half and full racks, secure cages, and dedicated private suites for primary, secondary, and disaster recovery. For enhanced connectivity, 123NET provides diverse A and B side power on request and cross-connects that reduce access costs to separate carriers, internet providers, other businesses, or the Detroit Internet Exchange. 


Colocating your servers and data infrastructure in cabinets can effectively ensure high-speed connectivity and security. 123NET offers a range of cabinet options, from half racks to full racks.


Enhance your server security with cages that provide more protection to your data infrastructure. 123NET offers cages that can be used with cabinets for maximum security.


123NET offers private computing suites with high capacity for businesses that prioritize security. These suites provide the option for a small data center within a larger data center. 

AI Hosting

 As businesses continue to rely more heavily on AI technology, it’s become increasingly important to have reliable hosting solutions that can support the complex demands of these applications. That’s where 123NET’s colocation services come in.

Put your AI setup in a 123NET data center, and you’ll get fast, safe connections. This means your AI programs will work well without getting slowed down by network problems.

In short, if you need a good place to run your AI programs, 123NET is the way to go. We offer fast, reliable connections and lots of ways to customize your setup. With our top-notch security and controls, we’re the best choice for businesses that want to use AI to get ahead.


Cross Connects

By providing cross connects, 123NET’s Data Centers enable cost-effective access to separate carriers, internet providers, other businesses, or the Detroit Internet Exchange, promoting seamless communication between your facilities. 

A/B Power

123NET offers diverse A and B-side power solutions, which include separate PDUs, panels, transformers, and generators that can be customized to meet your unique requirements. 

Smart Hands PLUS

Improve your business operations and minimize downtime with 123NET’s 24/7/365 on-site NOC technicians. A team of experts provides remote management, monitoring, and troubleshooting, freeing your personnel to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

Disaster Recovery

Investing in a disaster recovery space is essential to any business continuity plan. 123NET offers disaster recovery spaces in private or shared configurations, each with connectivity and added security options. By utilizing our disaster recovery solutions, clients can enhance business continuity, safeguarding critical data and systems amid unexpected outages.

Trust That’s Been Earned

“When compared with our previous national provider, 123NET has met or exceeded our expectations”

“123NET makes it possible for a small company like ours to compete with much larger organizations”

“123NET successfully helped RPT Realty accomplish its goals of upgrading and enhancing our systems in a timely and economically efficient manner”


123NET Data Centers offer exceptional cooling solutions that guarantee maximum uptime for your critical applications. A hot aisle-cold aisle containment system, tailored for robust cooling, features redundant mechanisms to counter failures. This approach channels cool air while recycling hot air upward. The cooling system employs a steady supply of chilled water and Kyoto wheels, making it an energy-efficient way to cool the data center. 

123NET guarantees 100% power uptime in our data centers with a dedicated 20 MW DTE substation and five Caterpillar Diesel Generators that achieve 2(N+1) power redundancy through separate PDUs, panels, transformers, and generators. 123NET offers cabinets, cages, and suites with AC/DC power options ranging from 120V/208V three-phase, with up to 60 KW per rack available. 

Security & Compliance

123NET Data Centers feature multi-factor authentication, electronic badge access points, and camera footage for building security. 

All 123NET Data Centers are SOC 2, Type II / SOC 3 compliant, providing peace of mind that your data is protected by a facility audited by an independent, accredited firm that benchmarks privacy, security, availability, and more. 

This certification verifies that our data center has strong security measures in place. We protect against unauthorized access and ensure that all data is classified and secure. Our systems are designed for accurate and timely processing, and we handle personal information responsibly, as agreed upon. These standards are crucial for businesses that need to comply with strict federal regulations.

These standards are critical for companies that must meet strict federal compliance requirements.


123NET’s HIPAA-Compliant Data Centers ensure businesses meet HIPAA standards by offering robust security for patient information.


123NET’s Data Centers can help institutions that store valuable credit card data to meet PCI-DSS compliance standards.  


SSAE-18 compliance is a measure of relevant controls for financial reporting.

Unmatched Connectivity

123NET operates the largest carrier hotel in Michigan, with four data centers that are carrier-neutral. With over 22 onsite carriers, businesses can easily connect to their needed providers. 123NET’s headquarters hosts the Detroit Internet Exchange, granting access to 75+ members and 450 Gbps peak traffic capacity.

data center support service staffed 24x7x365

Live Support 24 / 7 / 365

123NET is a Michigan-based company that offers excellent customer support to clients via email, phone, or online chat. Our team of Network Operation Center Technicians is available 24/7/365 to provide remote management, monitoring, and troubleshooting through our Smart Hands Basic or Smart Hands PLUS Service. This frees up your personnel to focus on other crucial aspects of your business. 

Smart Hands PLUS


Disaster Recovery


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