The Future of Gaming is in a Data Center


On-Demand iGAMING & Sports Betting Requirements

The iGaming industry segment has added new online and on-demand capabilities, generating additional challenges for both operators and vendors. Selection and deployment plans require strategic edge facilities that are highly secure and connected.

Approved Gaming Vendor

As technologies and services have changed in the industry, so have guidelines and regulations. Sports betting and iGaming operations were legalized in Michigan in November 2019 by the State Legislature, being one of the first states to permit the services in the United States. In Accordance with the Lawful Internet Gaming Act and Lawful Sports Betting Act, 123NET has completed Vendor Registration with the State of Michigan Gaming Control Board (MGCB).



Dedicated Space, Power & Cooling

  • Over 100,000 sq ft of Scalable Data Center / Colocation Space
  • Dedicated Electrical Substation (available 20 MW)
  • 2(N+1) Diverse A & B Power Available (separate PDUs, Panels, Transformers, Generators)
  • AC/DC Power Available 120V/208V Three Phase
  • Up to 60 kW (A & B Power) Available Per Rack
  • Multiple Levels of Redundancy to Ensure Ongoing Operations
  • Redundant High-Capacity Cooling (Hot Aisle Cold Aisle Containment)
  • Continuous Supply of Chilled Water


  • Physical Security & Monitored Access
  • HIPAA, PCI-DSS & SSAE-18 SOC 2 Type II/SOC 3 Compliant
  • Dual-Factor Authentication

Reliable Support

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs) Include 100% Power Uptime
  • Smart Hands Service (Data Center Operators)
  • 24/7 Onsite Staff
  • Disaster Recovery Suites (DR)
  • Network Redundancy


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School records, student and faculty information, test scores, and other sensitive data need proper storage and access. Operating and maintaining a data center can be complicated, time-consuming, and cost-prohibitive. Colocation offers a123NET’s DDoS Mitigation Platform that detects attacks against individual customers, services, and infrastructures within as little as one second. The entire mitigation process seamlessly occurs without disruption of services or direct involvement from you.


MGCB Approves 123NET as Gaming Vendor
Data Center / Colocation | November 10, 2020

MGCB Approves 123NET as Gaming Vendor