High-End Connectivity for Manufacturing Facilities

Michigan Manufacturers Need Local Connectivity

Manufacturing Internet of Things (MIoT) Requires High-Speed Connections 

As Michigan manufacturers navigate the rapidly evolving landscape of automation, robotics, and tech-centric methods, the need for high-speed connections becomes paramount. These connections are essential for efficiently managing and transmitting vast volumes of data. 123NET’s advanced network infrastructure is perfectly poised to fulfill these expansive data demands, whether it’s for in-house communication, inter-facility data transfer, or edge computing for Manufacturing Internet of Things (MIoT) applications.

Scalable & Engineered Solutions

123NET offers scalable and engineered solutions that support local Michigan manufacturers with high-speed, low-latency network configurations. Slow, unreliable networks are no longer able to keep up with the requirements manufacturing companies need for MIoT systems and applications. With scalable solutions, 123NET can help manufacturing companies stay ahead of the game in this ever-evolving industry. 

123NET’s Michigan Manufacturing Solutions


Looking for a reliable and scalable high-speed internet connection for your manufacturing business? Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from 123NET offers symmetrical bandwidth performance for uploading and downloading content. Learn More about our DIA services. Explore Our Business Dedicated Internet Access Services.


123NET Voice Solutions are customized for manufacturing businesses, integrating voice and data applications over the same connection. Consolidate your voice and communication needs with one tailored solution, from small businesses to call centers. Discover Our Voice Solutions for Manufacturing.


Save money with Dynamic PRI Voice & Data services from 123NET. Dynamic allocation allows your voice and data lines to share the same bandwidth, offering a cost-effective solution. Learn More about 123NET Dynamic PRI Voice & Data services. Learn About Our Dynamic PRI Voice & Data Services.

Amphenol Sine Systems

Problem: Amphenol Sine Systems needed to upgrade their existing 123NET Fiber Internet, Business Phone, and Wireless Internet Back-Up infrastructure to accommodate an increase in their demand for higher-level bandwidth and faster connectivity stemming from a remote working environment.

Solution: Dedicated Fiber Internet, Business Phone, & Fixed Wireless Back-Up

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