123NET Customer Spotlight: Amphenol Sine Systems


Amphenol Sine Systems


Dedicated Fiber Internet, Business Phone & Fixed Wireless Back-Up


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

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Overview of Amphenol Sine Systems

Established in 1967 and based in Clinton Township, Michigan, Amphenol Sine Systems has carved out a leadership position in the design, manufacture, and supply of high-performance interconnect systems. Catering to a wide array of industrial applications, the company specializes in factory automation, alternative energy, motion control, and cutting-edge technology solutions for electric vehicles.

The Challenge: Upgrading for Enhanced Connectivity

With the advent of a remote working environment, Amphenol Sine Systems faced a pressing need to enhance its existing infrastructure. The company relied on 123NET for Fiber Internet, Business Phone, and Wireless Internet Back-Up services. However, the increasing demand for higher bandwidth and faster connectivity required a significant upgrade to support their evolving business needs and ensure seamless remote operations.

The Solution: Leveraging 123NET’s Scalable Infrastructure

123NET’s original infrastructure was designed with ingenuity and scalability at its core, allowing for swift and reliable service upgrades. After a 12-year partnership, Amphenol Sine Systems once again turned to 123NET to provide a robust 1 Gbps solution. This upgrade was crucial in supporting the bandwidth requirements of their increasingly remote workforce.

Results: A Smooth Transition to Enhanced Connectivity

The shift to a remote working model was a critical moment for Amphenol Sine Systems. Thanks to 123NET’s rapid network modifications and clear communication, the company experienced a smooth transition to a more powerful network. This upgrade ensured that employees could work efficiently and effectively from home, without any significant disruptions to their daily operations. The partnership between Amphenol Sine Systems and 123NET proved to be more than just a client-service provider relationship; it was a collaboration that adapted and grew to meet the changing technological landscape and business needs.

“123NET is always the first option when any technology project starts within our company.”

Gabriel Mayorga
North America Information Technology Manager – Amphenol Sine Systems