Managed Firewall

Protect Your Business & Your Employees

Managed Firewall with Cisco Meraki

123NET offers Managed Firewall services using Cisco Meraki technology to enhance productivity and keep your business secure. This software-based approach manages network connectivity, reduces operational costs, and efficiently uses resources for single or multi-site deployments. 

What is a Managed Firewall?

A security system that monitors incoming and outgoing traffic to block any malicious activities, including harmful programs and viruses. With this service, your business stays secure with round-the-clock protection against potential threats, ensuring reliable service at all times. 


This service has a user-friendly, web-driven control panel that offers enhanced features in an easy-to-manage interface with:

Network Enhancements

Dynamic Path Selection

By monitoring performance thresholds for different types of traffic, dynamic path selection ensures critical applications and data transfers always use the best path based on loss, latency, and jitter

Policy-Based Routing (PbR)

Administrators can assign traffic to a VPN path based on criteria such as traffic protocol, source, destination, or application with PBR functionality. 

Dual-Active VPN Uplinks

123NET supports dual WAN uplinks and automatic VPN failover and can also build multiple VPN tunnels that are active simultaneously, allowing traffic to be load-balanced across these tunnels for optimal use of available bandwidth.