Michigan’s Premier Data Center, Network, & Voice Services Provider

123.Net, Inc. (123NET) is a privately-owned company headquartered in Southfield, Michigan. The company delivers high-quality fiber internet, colocation, and business voice services. In 2021, 123NET also started bringing the fastest Fiber to the Home solutions to Michigan residents. 

For over 25 years, 123NET has re-invested into Michigan’s Infrastructure, partnering with other communities and other carriers to bring the highest capacity fiber network and internet connectivity solutions throughout the state, connecting businesses, residents, and communities. 



Company Vision

123NET continues to share the same passion to grow and evolve that has led to the company’s continuous growth over its first 25 years. The company created and gave autonomy to the Detroit Internet Exchange, Michigan’s only carrier-neutral, not-for-profit internet exchange that has grown into one of the 40 largest peering hubs internationally and the largest fee-free exchange in the world. The company anticipates the DET-iX to continue to grow at 25-30 percent annually, providing clients with speed and cost advantages.

With a focus on making Michigan the best-connected state for business, 123NET will continue delivering the most reliable data center, network, and voice services available in the markets we serve. As the demand for mobility and internet-based services across Michigan rises, 123NET will continue to provide a reliable backbone that facilitates this growth, fosters innovation, and enables Michigan companies to compete and succeed in an increasingly connected world.

Community Impact

123NET’s goal is to empower Michigan’s communities to change the narrative of the internet from a place of consumption to a place of creation. This starts by partnering with local communities and non-profit organizations such as the Detroit Community Technology Project, Equitable Internet Initiative, and Grace in Action Collective, to understand the true needs of the community and how 123NET can help. 123NET has donated multiple circuits to non-profits, local organizations, and COVID-19 Testing Sites, and continues to look for additional ways to make an impact.

123NET is currently involved with other carriers in a project to bring the City of Detroit better, faster, and more affordable internet connections through an Open Access Fiber Network. This partnership will deliver more than 225 miles of carrier-neutral network into Detroit, to help close the city’s digital divide.


Daniel Irvin

President & Chief Executive Officer

Dan Irvin is the Founder and primary owner of 123NET. He actively serves as its President and CEO. Irvin studied physics at the University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, MI, and holds a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from Oakland University in Rochester, MI. Prior to starting 123NET, Dan developed controls software for jet engines at General Electric Aircraft Engines.

Chuck Irvin

Vice President

Chuck Irvin is the Vice President of 123NET and an active board member of the Detroit Internet Exchange. He holds a bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from the University of Michigan and has extensive experience in business, including founding a successful DSL company and leading the launch of 123NET’s fiber department in 2014. Irvin’s expertise in sales, marketing, leadership, and decision-making has contributed to 123NET’s position as a leader in enterprise fiber in Michigan.

James Kandler

Chief Operating Officer

James brings more than 20 years of industry expertise to the 123NET team. He attended Michigan Technological University in Houghton, MI, graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and German International Minor. James was part of the original implementation of 123NET’s Network Infrastructure and currently utilizes his strong background in operations to oversee and facilitate solutions and day-to-day operations for the company.

Stefania Stoenica

Chief Financial Officer

Stefania has 15 years of experience in the accounting industry that she brings to her position of CFO at 123NET. She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration in Accounting and Masters in Business Administration in Accounting from Wayne State University. Stoenica uses her strong accounting background to propose strategic directions for the company, conduct financial planning, and map the company’s financial strengths.

Ryan Duda

Chief Technology Officer

Ryan joined 123NET at the age of 17 after graduating high school and soon became a part owner in the company. Ryan is the 123NET Core Engineer and Network Architect. He is renowned for his coding abilities, having coded an online portal in 1998, which allowed anyone to become a Virtual Internet Service Provider.  His work also enabled the interconnecting of one of the first Class 4 software switches to the SS7 Network.

Faith Sparr

General Counsel

Faith Sparr is General Counsel for 123NET.  Sparr has over 25 years of experience in the legal field, having worked as in-house counsel at Sprint (now T-Mobile), as a business associate at Morrison & Hecker (now Stinson LLP), and most recently, teaching Internet and Communications Law in the Department of Communication and Media at the University of Michigan. She holds a Master of Laws from the University of Michigan as well as a Juris Doctor with Highest Distinction from the University of Nebraska College of Law.