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The transportation industry consistently requires increased visibility and control of their connected systems and devices. Customer expectations and demands require the transportation industry to digitally transform core systems and supply chain data. Transportation companies are looking for newer technologies and infrastructure to cut costs and increase efficiency. It is predicted that in the future, all elements of transportation will need reliable connectivity to connect, track, and measure performance.

Demand for Digital Transformation

Many transportation companies are still using analog tracking practices, including traditional logs, records, and paperwork, while being weighed down by outdated cable internet. With thousands of route fiber miles and fiber-lit buildings in Michigan, 123NET can connect transportation facilities with high-speed fiber internet.

123NET Transportation Solutions


Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) from 123NET delivers on one of today’s most vital business necessities, a reliable and scalable high-speed fiber internet connection. Avoid outages, slowdowns, and lost revenue with a premier internet connection that is dedicated to you and designed to ensure your business stays up and running. Learn More.


123NET Voice Solutions are tailored for any transportation communication requirements between facilities and warehouses. By integrating voice and data applications over the same connection, transportation businesses can save time and money through one consolidated solution. From small businesses to global enterprises, 123NET can support Michigan transportation locations with their voice and communication needs. Learn More.


Dynamic voice and data allow you to save money through dynamic allocation, which allows your voice and data lines to share the same bandwidth. Learn More.

Discover How 123NET Has Helped Transportation

Gerald R. Ford International Airport

Problem: Gerald R. Ford International Airport needed to find an internet service provider that could ensure reliability while also supporting the internet infrastructure required for airport applications and services.

Solution: Dynamic Voice & Data

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