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Create a Well-Connected Educational Environment 

A Digitally Connected Campus is an Empowered One

Attract Top Students and Professors with Reliable Campus Connectivity

The quality of campus connectivity in education is critical in attracting top students and professors to an educational institution. In today’s digital age, access to seamless connectivity is essential for students and faculty to collaborate on and off the physical campus, access resources, and deliver an exceptional learning experience.

Enhance Your Campus Experience with 123NET’s Suite of Services  

123NET offers a full suite of services designed to provide scalable and personalized solutions ideal for a campus environment. 123NET’s reliable and high-speed internet connectivity enhances the quality of education by providing seamless access to resources and collaboration tools. With 123NET’s solutions, educational facilities can offer students and faculty a more efficient and productive campus experience, helping to attract top talent and promote academic success.

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123NET’s Education-Focused Solutions


123NET’s Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) is designed to meet the demanding needs of educational facilities for a reliable, scalable, and high-speed internet connection. With 123NET’s DIA, educational institutions can ensure their students have the fastest access to applications, documents, and resources. Discover Our Dedicated Internet Service.


123NET’s Hosted IP PBX solution provides a feature-rich, easy-to-use interface that increases productivity for schools, colleges, and universities. This VoIP service has built-in redundancy and a 99.99% uptime guarantee, enabling educational institutions to increase revenue, minimize management headaches, and enhance their communication experience.  Explore Our Hosted IP PBX Solution.


123NET’s colocation services offer an alternative to investing in and maintaining a data center. Educational institutions can ensure proper storage and access to sensitive data such as school records, student and faculty information, and test scores. 123NET’s purpose-built data center facilities are fortified for maximum performance with high availability and reliability. Learn more about our colocation services. Learn About Our Colocation Service.

A customer spotlight for Baker College

Baker College

Problem: Baker College had multiple service problems that they sought to resolve. First, they needed to solidify their infrastructure and move to a managed data center. Second, Baker College received subpar service from a national ISP and needed a reliable, cost-effective service provider. Last year accelerated Baker College’s need to integrate new technologies allowing their teams, faculty, and students to work collaboratively.

Solution: 123NET Data Center & Network Services

Read About Our Solution for Baker College

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