123NET Customer Spotlight: Bishop Foley Catholic High School


The Catholic high school required Dedicated Internet Access to replace a best-effort connection. They needed it for reliability, redundancy and failover. To deepen communication effectiveness across the Catholic high school, they sought Hosted PBX & SIP voice solutions.


Bishop Foley High School




DIA, SIP Trunking, Hosted IP PBX.

Number of Employees:

Less Than 100.


Bishop Foley Catholic High School first opened its doors in September 1965 by Guardian Angels Church in Clawson and St. Dennis Church in Royal Oak. The school’s first senior class graduated during the Spring of 1969. As of right now, Bishop Foley continues as a co-ed four-year college prep high school in Madison Heights and the Archdiocese of Detroit. It has students from across 60 private grade schools and public middle schools. It focuses its education on a robust Catholic persona as a center for personal maturity and development as well as first-rate learning. It’s noted also for its focus on the integration of morality and character development in their education.

The Challenge:

Bishop Foley High School was faced with the challenge of a best-effort connection that lacked reliability, redundancy and network failover. With 123NET’s dedicated internet access, they were able to have a stronger business network. Additionally, the SIP and Hosted Voice solutions filled a need within the Catholic high school for a stronger and more dependable phone system, increasing performance.

The Solution:

The driving force was to create a connection that offered redundancy, failover and reliability to the Catholic high school, which they were lacking with their prior best-effort connection. To make this happen, 123NET concentrated on replacing the best-effort connection with a dedicated internet connection. 123NET’s connection improved the network infrastructure. It gave them failover, redundancy and reliability to ensure the Catholic high school continued functioning always. The SIP and Hosted Voice Solutions granted them a more dependable and effective phone system for the school and its employees.


Overhauling Bishop Foley’s network infrastructure and revitalizing their phone system let the Catholic high school eliminate their best-effort connection and old phone system. Doing this permitted them to have ip failover, redundancy and reliability in their 123NET dedicated internet access network connection, letting them remain connected always. Including the SIP and Hosted Voice solutions also offered them a trustworthy and useful phone system to allow for stronger employee communication channels across the high school.

“Our school cannot function without a solid reliable Internet connection. 123NET’s service has been excellent and has provided our 800+ connected clients rock-solid connectivity and performance since day one.”

John Crombe
IT Director, Bishop Foley