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Let 123NET Become a Profit Center for Your Company

Why Become a Partner?

123NET focuses on best-in-class services for both the partner and end-user. Whether it’s data center, network, or voice services, 123NET will help engineer a profitable solution to meet your customer’s requirements. Wholesale partners are provided with the tools, training, and services to expand company offerings beyond core services.

internet service

Near Network Addresses
123NET’s Carrier Neutral Data Centers are a hub for high-speed connections between businesses, internet providers, and different carriers.
Fiber Lit Buildings

Fiber Lit Buildings
As the network expands, 123NET’s services are more accessible to nearby businesses to replace current legacy network infrastructures.
fixed wireless tower

Fixed Wireless Tower Sites
With 55+ tower sites, 123NET Fixed Wireless can be rapidly deployed to your location within 7-14 business days and provides speeds up to 10 Gbps.
Fiber Miles Installed

Fiber Route Miles
123NET’s Fiber Network expands on average 200-300 miles annually, meaning your business might be closer than you think to fiber connectivity.

Wholesale Solutions

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Data Center

123NET owns and operates four Tier 3, carrier-neutral data centers within Michigan. These facilities have redundant cooling, uninterruptible power, and yearly compliance audits to ensure your data is accessible 24/7.
ethernet networking icon


123NET’s Ethernet Services provide a secure and reliable environment through dedicated connections over 123NET’s Fiber and Fixed Wireless Network.
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Wavelength Services utilize 123NET’s expansive fiber network to create point-to-point connections up to 400Gbps between two locations.
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Dark Fiber

123NET’s Dark Fiber provides limitless capacity while providing maximum control and flexibility over your network. This service eliminates the time-consuming process of designing, permitting, and constructing your own expensive fiber infrastructure.
dedicated internet service over fiber icon

Dedicated Internet

123NET’s Dedicated internet is always symmetrical, meaning businesses get equal bandwidth performance when uploading and downloading content. The 123NET backbone is connected to multiple Tier 1 carriers and peers utilizing BGP routing.
commercial wireless internet access icon

Business Voice

123NET Voice Solutions are tailored for any business communication requirements. By integrating voice and data applications over the same connection, businesses can save time and money through one consolidated solution. From small businesses to call centers, 123NET can support Michigan companies with their voice and communication needs.

Wholesaler Tools & Resources

Increase Brand Presence with Co-Branded Material

123NET will help you communicate services and solutions effectively to your prospects and enhance your brand with professionally tailored marketing materials. For all co-marketing requests, please reach out to 123-Marketing@123.NET or to your wholesale manager.

Event Hosting & Data Center Tours

Create an educational experience for clients and prospects by touring 123NET’s Tier 3 Data Centers and local fixed wireless PoP sites. Additionally, 123NET’s Southfield Headquarters can conveniently host team meetings and events.

Engineering Support

123NET provides each channel partner with a dedicated wholesale manager, support, and engineering team. With 123NET’s expansive knowledge and consistent support, wholesale channel partners will gain a competitive edge within their industry, creating long-lasting customer relations and recurring revenue streams.

Wholesale Portal

All 123NET Wholesale Partners have access to the Wholesale Portal. Capabilities of the portal include searching addresses, evaluating bandwidth graphs, administrative control over adding/deleting users, opening trouble tickets, and quoting out services.

“This is really an easy answer, reliability! We have SIP Trunks, PRIs, Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and 4G circuits with 123NET. If 123NET was not reliable, we would have been long gone a while ago. Like I have always said to my employees and to 123NET staff, RJ can only be as good and reliable as 123NET is.”

Mark Friday

RJ Telecommunications – Vice President


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