Referral Program

Together, Let’s Make Michigan the Best Connected on the Planet

Refer & Get Rewarded with 123NET’s Referral Program!

Become a Referral Partner with 123NET

Earn rewards by talking to your business neighbors and friends. 123NET’s Referral Program is an incentive-based program that benefits your business and those around you.

Expanding Connections, Building Communities

At 123NET, we believe in the power of connections. Not just the high-speed, reliable data connections we provide but also the connections between people and businesses. Our Referral Program is more than just a chance to earn rewards—it’s an opportunity to strengthen relationships within your business community and help others experience the quality and reliability of 123NET services. By referring a business neighbor or friend, you’re not just introducing them to a service provider but to a partner committed to their growth and success. As our network expands, so does our community, and every new connection brings us one step closer to making Michigan the best connected on the planet.

Your Role in the Future of Connectivity

When you participate in the 123NET Referral Program, you play a crucial role in our mission. Each referral contributes to expanding our network and enhancing the connectivity landscape of Michigan. Whether you’re recommending us to a small local business or a large corporation, your actions directly impact our shared digital future. We appreciate and value the trust you place in us when you make a referral, and we’re committed to honoring that trust by providing top-notch service to every new customer that joins the 123NET family. In turn, we hope the incentives we offer express our gratitude for your efforts and role in shaping the future of connectivity in Michigan.

How do I refer a friend?

  • Sign up today with the “REFER NOW!” link and join the program to spread the word to family and friends.
  • Refer using your social networks, email or face-to-face and start earning rewards!

Here’s How it Works

The incentive applies when you refer a new business within or nearby your building, and they sign-up with 123NET:

  • You receive a $500 VISA Gift Card or $500 Account Credit
  • They receive a FREE Month of Service

After the installation of services is complete, both you and your referral will receive the incentive.

Program Support

For additional help and questions about our program refer to your sales representative.

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