Terms and Conditions – Referral Program

These terms and conditions (the “Program Terms”) apply to 123.Net, Inc.’s (“123NET) Refer-A-Customer program (the “Program”). By referring a new customer and participating in this Program, you agree to be bound by these Program Terms and Conditions. A party referring customers to 123NET under this Program is a “Referring Party”. A customer referred is a “Referred Customer.”


If a  Referring Party is a current 123NET customer, the Referring Party must be  in good payment standing to participate in the Program. However, a Referring Party does not need to be a 123NET customer to participate in this Program.

A Referred Customer must sign up for 123NET qualifying services and must be considered a new customer by 123NET.  To be considered a “new”  customer, the Referred Customer must not have been a 123NET customer for at least ninety (90) days prior to the referral. Referred Customer must have a federal tax identification number.

The Referred Customer must install/activate Qualifying Service within the first ninety (90) days of the date of referral and have an active 123NET account in good standing sixty (60) days after the service activation. To be considered a customer in good standing, a Referred Customer is required to use the services in accordance with 123NET’s service terms and policies and pay all 123NET invoices for services in full when due.

If the Qualifying Service is canceled or downgraded sixty (60) days after service activation, neither the Referring Party nor the Referred Customer shall be entitled to the Referral Fee or no cost monthly recurring charge, whichever the case may be.   Qualifying Service is defined as follows  business services such as Fiber Network, Fixed Wireless, Phone Service, or Colocation, with a minimum of a 24-month term agreement and minimum of $200 Monthly Recurring Charge (“MRC”) (the minimum amount does not include any taxes, fees, or tariffs).

By participating in the Program, the Referring Party and Referred Customer agree that 123NET may share their name, email address, service installation status and date, and other information with the Referring Party and/or Referred Customer and others, including third-party providers, for the purpose of administering the Program.


Under the Program, eligible Referring Parties and Referred Customers satisfying all Program Terms shall each receive the Referral Fee or no cost monthly recurring charge as set out below. Notwithstanding the foregoing, the type and amount of the Referral Fee is subject to change at 123NET’s sole discretion.

A Referring Party will receive a Referral Fee equal to one month of the monthly recurring charge of the Referred Party’s Qualifying Service, up to a maximum of $2500. The MRC is exclusive of any taxes, fees, or tariffs. The Referred Customer will receive a credit equal to a month of its Qualifying Service  ( such credit will not include any taxes, fees, or tariffs).  

The Referral Fee and no cost award is only available once the Referred Customer installs and continues Qualifying Services in good standing for at last sixty (60) days.


In order for a referral submission to be complete and to be considered as an eligible referral for a Referral Fee, the Referring Party must complete and submit the online referral form.

Existing 123NET agent or subagent partners are not eligible to participate as a Referring Party. Additionally any referral made by a Referring Party which is already a registered and active lead in 123NET’s database is not eligible for the Program.

If multiple Referring Parties refer the same prospective customer, and that prospective customer becomes a Referred Customer, the Referral Fee will be issued to the Referring Party who first submitted the eligible referral to the extent the referral was still in good standing and unexpired at the time the Prospective Customer became a Referred Customer, according to 123NET’s records. Only one Referral Fee will be issued per qualifying sale.

Referring Parties and Referred Customers should allow approximately ninety (90) days from service activation for the Referring Party to receive the Referral Fee.

If Referral Fees to a Referring Party under this Program and any others offered by 123NET exceed FIVE HUNDRED AND NINETY-NINE DOLLARS ($599.00) in a calendar year, such amounts may be taxable and any such taxes are the responsibility of the recipient, not 123NET.


123NET MAY SUSPEND, TERMINATE OR MODIFY, WITHOUT LIABILITY, ALL OR ANY PART OF THIS PROGRAM (INCLUDING THE TERMS, TYPE, AND AMOUNT OF AWARDS AND ELIGIBILITY CRITERIA UNDER THE PROGRAM), IN ITS SOLE DISCRETION, WITH OR WITHOUT NOTICE. 123NET reserves the right to suspend or terminate any customer’s participation in the Program for fraud, abuse, misuse, harassment, or other inappropriate or suspicious activity that 123NET determines, in its sole discretion, compromises the fairness or integrity of the Program in any way. 123NET may change these Program Terms at any time, and by your participation in the Program, you agree to abide by the revised version of the Program Terms. If changes are made, the updated version of the Terms will be posted on the 123NET website.

All referrals under the Program must only be made via the online referral form. Only referrals which follow the Program ordering procedures and satisfying all Program criteria shall be eligible for a Referral Fee.