The Rising Demand for Fiber Connectivity

The demand for reliable, high-speed, and cost-effective connectivity is skyrocketing in today’s digital era. Fiber connectivity has become a critical business asset, with nearly one trillion connected devices worldwide, 191 billion daily emails, and business data requirements doubling every 1.2 years.

123NET’s Role in the Fiber Revolution

123NET, a Michigan-based internet service provider, is proud to be at the forefront of this fiber revolution. The company was recently featured in DBusiness Magazine’s “Fiber Wars” story, highlighting 123NET’s aggressive fiber network expansion.

Beyond Fiber: 123NET’s Comprehensive Services

While fiber connectivity is a significant part of 123NET’s offerings, the company also provides other essential services. These include wireless technology and power-protected, climate-controlled colocation facilities. Moreover, 123NET has led in creating the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), further solidifying its position in the connectivity landscape.

The Impact of High-Speed Connectivity on Michigan’s Economy

High-speed connectivity is not just about faster internet. It plays a crucial role in attracting new corporations, businesses, entrepreneurs, and residents to Michigan. By providing ultra-fast connection speeds, 123NET is contributing to the state’s economic growth and development.

123NET’s Mission

123NET’s mission is to be Michigan’s backbone for business. The company is committed to powering Michigan’s fast-moving and faster-connecting market. As Dan Irvin, CEO of 123NET, puts it, “We hope the DBusiness story will help you better understand how 123NET is powering Michigan’s fast-moving and faster connecting market.”

For more information about 123NET’s services, please visit their Dedicated Internet, Data Center & Colocation, Ethernet Services, Dark Fiber, and Wavelengths pages.

123NET’s aggressive expansion in the fiber network market and its comprehensive service offerings are helping to meet the growing demand for high-speed, reliable connectivity. As the company continues to innovate and expand, it is set to play an even more significant role in powering Michigan’s digital economy.

That’s why we’re so proud that DBusiness Magazine focused on 123NET in its detailed “Fiber Wars” story in its March/April issue as well as being currently featured online.


Dan Irvin

Chief Executive Officer