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Bringing Connectivity to Underserved Areas in Ottawa County

Want to help bring connectivity to your area?

123NET’s Update Center for the Ottawa County Broadband Project

Do you dream of faster, more reliable internet in Ottawa County? You’re not alone. We at 123NET share your vision. We’re on a mission to secure the funding needed for a transformative project that will bring high-speed internet to our county. Sign up for updates here.


At 123NET, we have a big dream. We want to ensure every community and business in Michigan has the best internet connection possible. We’re partnering with Ottawa County to turn this dream into reality. Here’s what we aim to achieve:

County-Wide Internet Access

We believe that everyone in the county deserves reliable internet access. Whether you’re in the heart of the city or the rural outskirts, we’re working to ensure you can easily get online.

Improved Network Performance

We’re not just about getting you online; we’re about improving your online experience. We’re striving to improve the performance of existing networks, making your internet faster and more reliable.

Enhanced Public Safety

Reliable internet isn’t just about convenience; it’s a matter of safety. With better connectivity, emergency services can respond more quickly and efficiently, making our county safer.

Stronger Economy

Better internet means better business. From small startups to established companies, high-speed internet can drive growth, create jobs, and strengthen our economy.

Better Quality of Life

From online learning to telemedicine to staying connected with loved ones, high-speed internet can significantly improve our quality of life. We’re committed to making life better for everyone.

Important Dates:

  • March 14, 2023: Ottawa County Board of Commissioners approved letter of intent and selected 123NET for Ottawa County Broadband Project.
  • March 14, 2023: 123NET submitted ROBIN Grant Application for Government Funding of the Project.
  • March – April 2023: ROBIN Application Review
  • May 2023: ROBIN Award Recommendations Published & Start of Comment/Objection Period
  • June – July 2023: ROBIN Final Grants Announced
  • August 2023: Ottawa County & 123NET determine final scope of work based on ROBIN funding amounts.
  • November 2023: ROBIN Grant awarded for project funding.
  • December 2023: Commissioners Approved Project, Contract signed with 123NET.

Michigan Houses Lacking Access to Broadband

Michigan Houses Lacking Any Access to Broadband
Michigan has at least 456,000 homes that lack access to broadband.
Fiber Lit Buildings

Households Without a Permanent Internet Option
An estimated 1.24 million Michigan households (31.5%) do not have a permanent, fixed internet connection at home.
fixed wireless tower

Lowest Broadband Adoption Rate
Michigan has the 20th lowest broadband adoption rate when compared to other states.
Fiber Miles Installed

Addresses Connected in Proposed Project
The Ottawa County project plans to connect a planned 10,000 addresses in rural areas of Ottawa County.

*Data derived from 2021 Update to the Michigan Broadband Map – Michigan Office of High-Speed Internet

Government Funding: Bridging the Divide

Digital inequity in Michigan is prevalent, and it’s efforts have contributed greatly to the development of rural and home-based businesses as well as tele-commuting. Over the last few years, Michigan and the US Government has taken critical steps to address the digital divide including providing funding for infrastructure and community development like the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), Realizing Opportunity with Broadband Infrastructure Networks (ROBIN) Grant Program, and other funding opportunities.