123Net and Trivalent Group Partner to Double Fixed Wireless Internet Capacity at Grand Rapids Community College

GRAND RAPIDS, Mich., June 12, 2018 – 123Net and Trivalent Group are teaming up to boost Grand Rapids Community College’s fixed wireless Internet capacity to 2 Gbps.

The two organizations are further expanding their fixed wireless presence across Western Michigan, providing enterprises with scalable, rapidly deployed solutions. Their most recent addition will be one of 123Net’s highest capacity fixed wireless circuits in the area.

“This deal is a win-win for all of the parties involved,” said Bob Evenson, Carrier Relations Manager at 123Net. “GRCC will continue to receive our high-speed fixed wireless solution, backed by Trivalent’s world-class IT support.”

When GRCC needed more bandwidth to match its recent growth, the college expanded its relationship with 123Net and Trivalent Group because of their proven track record of reliability and stability.

“Trivalent Group and 123Net appreciate the partnership that we have with GRCC. Understanding GRCC’s requirements to best serve their students and staff was critical in bringing this solution to the institution,” said Tim Weber, Senior Account Manager at Trivalent Group. “Constant uptime is critical in learning and delivering education, and everyone will appreciate the additional bandwidth and built-in resiliency of this combination of Internet connectivity.”

GRCC Director of IT Infrastructure Donavan Wallace said the partnership with the companies will help students and faculty have reliable access to fast wireless service.

“Students and faculty depend on strong wireless service both inside and outside of the classroom,” he said. “This partnership will help ensure they’ll have the resources they need in an increasingly high-tech environment.”

123Net Lights Over 600 Buildings With Fiber

DETROIT, Mich., – Early this June, 123Net marked a milestone by surpassing its goal of bringing high-speed fiber to over 600 commercial buildings. The goal was established more than two years ago as 123Net ramped up its focus on connecting Michigan’s enterprises to its fiber optic network.

“We are concentrating on building the most reliable, densest, business fiber network in Michigan with a particular focus on Metro Detroit and Grand Rapids,” said Chuck Irvin, Director of Network Development at 123Net. “Our network connects to the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX), the 14th largest peering hub in the United States in terms of traffic. Through the DET-IX, members can freely exchange traffic with global titans such as AWS, Twitter, Netflix and many global carriers.”

123Net is not only investing in Michigan’s infrastructure, it’s investing in the state’s talent as well. Its staff has quadrupled in the last five years, now employing over 150 hardworking Michiganders. This includes nine experienced, enterprise-focused construction crews dedicated to building 123Net fiber. At 123Net, fiber design, permitting, construction and provisioning are all performed in-house.

Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and hundreds of large, medium and small businesses trust 123Net to provide them with world-class connectivity delivered via Michigan’s business fiber network. With many more fiber lit buildings on the way, 123Net will continue its focus on providing the best business Internet coverage in Michigan.

About 123Net

123Net is a Michigan-based Internet service provider focused on equipping businesses with industry-leading data center, voice, fiber, fixed wireless and other network services. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange, 123Net maintains the largest carrier hotel and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS and others.

123Net CEO Dan Irvin Named Champion of the New Economy

Dan Irvin, the President, and CEO of Michigan’s premier Internet Service Provider 123Net, has been selected as a Champion of the New Economy by DBusiness magazine.

The honor recognizes business leaders in Metro Detroit who are boosting growth in highly competitive industries.

“We are driving the mobility movement in Detroit by partnering with multiple Tier 1 automotive companies to deliver Terabit per second connections across our fiber network,” said Irvin. “Our recent developments are making 123Net the center of Internet connectivity in Michigan.”

123Net is also home to Metro Detroit’s largest carrier neutral data center and the Detroit Internet Exchange, which is now the 40th largest exchange point in the world. Paired with their high capacity network, the organization has attracted global titans such as Google, Netflix, Twitter to peer in Detroit.

Irvin highlighted 123Net’s successes and gave an exciting glimpse into the future at today’s breakfast event honoring the nominees.

“I expect 123Net’s network to be 100 times faster at 1/100 of the cost within the next 15 years,” said Irvin.

To learn more about 123Net business solutions go to: www.123.net/business-solutions

123Net Enhances Data Center Experience with Smart Hands

Southfield, MI – 123Net, Michigan’s premier data center provider, is now offering on-site, 24/7 Smart Hands services to enterprises that colocate in its facilities.

123Net’s Smart Hands ensures that emergencies and maintenance issues will be attended to immediately upon request. The 24x7x365 service covers asset management, logistics management, on-site support, and rack & stack duties.

“Our Smart Hands service gives our colocation clients relief knowing they have our skilled NOC technicians on-site to address any requests in a timely manner, ” said 123Net NOC Director Rocky Maynard.  “This makes our client’s data center experience less stressful, saving not only time, but labor and travel costs as well.”

Smart Hands is ideal for firms that use vendors or internal IT staff to maintain colocation equipment. Having immediate, on-site assistance helps clients limit the number of occurrences and duration of downtime.

Smart Hands will be available in each of 123Net’s four Tier 3 data centers. The organization’s service level agreement guarantees that service requests will be responded to in under 15 minutes.

To find out more about 123Net’s Smart Hands and Data Center services visit:


123Net Adds 4G LTE to it’s IP Failover Product to Further Protect Customer Networks

Southfield, MI – 123Net, Michigan’s premier Internet service provider for businesses, has added 4G LTE capabilities to its IP Failover service.

The addition of 4G LTE failover gives customers another option to reduce downtime. Secondary wireless connections protect businesses from damage to primary Internet caused by construction, car crashes, weather and other unforeseen events.

“We are excited to offer 4G LTE technology as part of our IP Failover solution because it will give our customers more flexibility,” said Justin Lampman, 123Net’s Director of Network Operations. “In addition to 4G LTE, it is compatible with multiple fiber, fixed wireless, and Ethernet over copper as well. We can even handle MPLS configurations.”

4G LTE failover is affordable and can be rapidly deployed in 7-14 days. Nationwide wireless providers give the service reliable, widespread availability. It is an ideal secondary option for remote locations that may not have access to traditional backup services.

In the occurrence of a primary Internet disruption, traffic is automatically routed to a predetermined backup connection. When the primary Internet connection is restored, the traffic is automatically routed back. With 123Net’s solution, customers maintain the same IP address and VoIP calls are uninterrupted.

Learn more about how 123Net can protect your business by visiting:


123Net Fixed Wireless Presence Grows with River Rouge PoP

123Net added a new fixed wireless Point of Presence (PoP) site in River Rouge, giving local businesses faster and more efficient access to higher bandwidth Internet services.

The new wireless PoP is delivering dedicated, symmetrical Internet connectivity at up to 1 Gbps – more than enough speed required by business in data-hungry industries such as automotive, shipping, construction and technology.

The tower is upgrading a petroleum terminal’s connectivity with high-speed Dedicated Internet Access. Also, an electrical contractor is utilizing 123Net’s construction site wireless Internet. The temporary solution creates a reliable, low-latency connection, enabling large data transfers anywhere at their site.

“We are excited to bring customers closer to our network,” said Justin Lampman Director of Network Operations. “We will continue to deliver the same dependable, high-speed connections, striving to deliver them as fast as possible.”

The new tower is adding bandwidth capacity and expanding coverage in the business-dense Downriver region. These businesses are benefiting from faster download speeds and data transfer speeds, along with enhanced voice services
The organization now has 56 Fixed Wireless PoP sites strategically located across Michigan and remains committed to providing customers with the latest, most reliable and secure technologies available. 123Net’s fixed wireless network is backed by over 3,500 route miles of proprietary fiber and four Tier 3 data centers.

For more information on how you can benefit from 123Net’s latest wireless PoP site, visit: Fixed Wireless