123NET reaches 2000 Michigan businesses with fiber internet access from 123NET

Celebrating a Connectivity Milestone

A Leap in Fiber-Lit Buildings:
On March 11, 2021, 123.Net Inc. (123NET) marked a momentous occasion, lighting up its 2,000th commercial building with fiber. This significant achievement arrived hot on the heels of the company’s 1,000th building milestone in 2020, showcasing rapid growth and a strong commitment to enhancing Michigan’s digital infrastructure.

The Journey of Trust and Growth with 123NET

Earning Michigan’s Trust:
Chuck Irvin, 123NET’s Director of Network Development, expressed gratitude and pride in the trust Michigan businesses have placed in 123NET. He attributed this success to the company’s forward-looking leadership and cohesive team effort. “We will continue delivering high-quality fiber services to our customers and expanding our footprint by a thousand more buildings in the coming years,” Irvin stated, reflecting a steadfast commitment to growth and service excellence.

The Superiority of Fiber Internet

Revolutionizing Connectivity:
123NET’s Dedicated Fiber Internet stands out, being 100 times faster than outdated coax and DSL connections. As 123NET continues to expand its network, more businesses can access its full suite of services, allowing them to transition from legacy networks to superior, high-speed fiber solutions. This shift is not just about speed; it’s about reliability, scalability, and preparing Michigan businesses for a future dominated by digital demands.

Looking Ahead to the Next Connectivity Frontier

Setting Sights on Future Goals:
123NET is not resting on its laurels. The company has its sights set on the next milestone: lighting up 2,500 fiber-lit buildings before the end of 2021. As fiber construction ramps up, network density in key areas like Grand Rapids and the Metro Detroit area is set to increase. This expansion isn’t just about connecting buildings; it’s about empowering local communities and businesses to become some of the best connected globally. With each fiber-lit building, 123NET is weaving a stronger, more resilient digital fabric for Michigan’s future.

123NET Fiber Lit Buildings Timeline:

  • 2021: 2000 Lit Buildings
  • 2020: 1500 Lit Buildings
  • 2019: 1000 Lit Buildings
  • 2018: 600 Lit Buildings
  • 2017: 500 Lit Buildings
  • 2007: First Fiber Lit Building
  • 1995: 123NET Established

For more information about 123NET’s services, please visit their Dedicated Internet, Data Center & Colocation, Ethernet Services, Dark Fiber, and Wavelengths pages.

In conclusion, 123NET’s achievement of lighting 2,000 commercial buildings with fiber is a testament to its commitment to providing superior internet services. Their continued growth and expansion are set to make them a leading player in the connectivity landscape.