Detroit Internet Exchange reaches 200Gbps connectivity rate cover image

DET-iX Hits a New Milestone

The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX) has achieved a significant milestone by reaching over 200Gbps. This achievement comes just a month after hitting the 150Gbps mark.

The Growth of DET-iX

Founded in 2014 with just nine members, DET-iX has seen impressive growth. As of May 2020, it boasts 48 members and continues to expand. DET-iX is now one of the largest not-for-profit internet exchange points globally, connecting Michigan communities and businesses and enabling members to pass direct traffic freely.

The Advantage of DET-iX

Ryan Duda, DET-iX Founder, and 123NET CTO, explains the unique advantage of DET-iX. He says, “The DET-iX, like other internet exchanges, is a simple topology. However, we have an advantage of a 123NET 4,500-mile metro fiber network. This combination allows easy access for members to extend connectivity from the DET-iX to the end users. For many members, over 60% of their internet traffic flows through the DET-iX for free.”

The Diverse Membership of DET-iX

With new members joining every month, DET-iX consistently pushes bandwidth boundaries and connects new networks. Its current members range from local communities to Fortune 500 companies, including those in the automotive, education, telecommunication, and streaming sectors.

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DET-iX’s achievement of reaching over 200Gbps is a testament to its growth and the value it provides to its members. By offering an easy access point for members to extend connectivity to end users, DET-iX is revolutionizing how businesses and communities access the internet.