Detroit Internet Exchange reaches 200Gbps connectivity rate cover image

DET-iX’s Remarkable Achievement

The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX) recently celebrated a significant milestone, surpassing 200Gbps of traffic. This leap from 150Gbps in just a month is a testament to DET-iX’s dedication to enhancing Michigan’s connectivity and digital infrastructure.

Rapid Growth and Expansion

Beginning in 2014 with a mere nine members, DET-iX has witnessed exponential growth. By May 2020, it expanded to 48 members, positioning itself as one of the leading non-profit internet exchanges globally. The diversity of its membership base is notable, including local communities, multinational corporations, and various sectors such as automotive, education, and telecommunications.

Unique Advantages and Synergies

Ryan Duda, the founder of DET-iX and CTO of 123NET, highlights the unique benefits of integrating with 123NET’s 4,000-mile metro fiber network. This strategic partnership allows members to significantly reduce their internet traffic costs, with the potential for over 60% of their traffic to pass through DET-iX at no additional charge. This synergy not only underscores the exchange’s value but also its commitment to enhancing connectivity and reducing operational costs for its members.

Continuous Growth and Opportunities

The influx of new members has necessitated continuous expansion of DET-iX’s bandwidth capabilities, connecting an ever-growing number of networks. This growth isn’t merely numerical; it represents a broader vision of enhanced connectivity and the creation of new opportunities for businesses and communities alike. DET-iX is at the forefront of revolutionizing internet access management by facilitating a platform for efficient and cost-effective direct traffic exchange.

Complementary Services by 123NET

For those seeking more than just exchange services, 123NET offers a variety of additional options, including Dedicated Internet, Data Center & Colocation, and Ethernet Services. These services are designed to complement and enhance the capabilities provided by DET-iX, offering a holistic suite of solutions for contemporary connectivity demands.

Conclusion: A Milestone Reflecting a Broader Vision

Surpassing 200Gbps is more than just a milestone for DET-iX; it reflects its critical role in shaping Michigan’s digital future. By promoting an environment where direct traffic can be exchanged freely, DET-iX is not only improving the efficiency of internet usage for its members but also contributing to the broader goal of fostering a more connected and digitally empowered community.