123NET’s Data Centers facilitate your need to be better connected. Cross connects allow you to reduce access costs to get to the carrier of your choosing. You can save money and improve the connectivity of your network.

123NET’s data centers are designed to meet your connectivity needs. They offer a cross-connect feature, which can help you reduce access costs and improve your network’s connectivity. But what exactly are cross-connects?

Primary Reasons to Use Cross-Connects

Cross-connects are physical cables that link two distinct networks within a data center. They are instrumental in creating a more diverse and robust network system. There are three primary reasons why you might want to use a cross-connect:

  1. Lowering Latency: Cross-connects provide a direct connection, meaning there is no intermediary provider between your network and the carrier network you’re connecting to. Instead, they bypass the public internet, utilizing private point-to-point connections within a data center. This directness significantly reduces latency, ensuring faster and more efficient data transfer.
  2. Offering Convenience: A cross-connect lets you connect to any carrier within your chosen data center. This eliminates the need to seek out other network points for carrier connections, often requiring time-consuming and costly network builds. With cross-connects, you can conveniently and swiftly establish connections with your desired carriers.
  3. Providing Options: Cross connects enable you to add multiple internet connections to your network, allowing you to leverage different carriers. You can choose internet providers based on various factors such as price, reliability, or connectivity. This flexibility allows you to customize your network according to your specific needs.

Cross-connects also allow you to establish direct connectivity with other carriers. They support dark fiber, wavelength, MPLS, or other point-to-point services with a single cross-connect. Network cross-connects to other carriers can help you save money, enhance reliability, and add versatility to your network.

123NET operates four Tier 3, carrier-neutral data centers with access to over 20 carriers. By scheduling a data center tour with 123NET, you can learn how to leverage this diverse variety of networks to your advantage.

Cross-Connect Overview

Cross-connects are a powerful tool in the world of data centers. They offer numerous benefits, including lower latency, increased convenience, and a wide range of options. Cross-connects could be the solution you need if you’re looking to improve your network’s performance, save on costs, or want more control over your connectivity.