123NET Customer Spotlight: 365 Retail Markets


This Information Tech and Service Provider overcame an expensive and outdated ISP along with the challenge of no other carriers in the area. 


365 Retail Markets


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365 Retail Markets started in the basement of CEO and Founder Joe Hessling, with just paper, a pencil, and a rotary house phone. Over the last decade, the company has grown becoming a global leader in self-service convenience technologies ranging from vending, dining, mobile, and micro markets.  


365 Retail Markets faced an outdated and expensive ISP that was inherited from the previous occupant. They were looking to expand outside of their data closet into something more robust and reliable. While looking around at ISP’s, 365 Retail Markets were told there were no connections to their building which left them stranded. 123NET had to figure out how to profitably build into the new area and get network connectivity to businesses in that area.  


Both parties saw a good opportunity in working together and 123NET brought in new lines to their building and into the entire area, giving them a great deal and a new internet connection option. They also decided to colocate their data within 123NET’s Tier 3 Data Center.


The results of this connection were growth with reliability for their offices and business’ backend. They have grown significantly since the installation of 123NET’s services. With two locations, they can connect their businesses with 123NET’s internet and utilize colocation space at the main data center hub in Southfield. Their business infrastructure is way more reliable as a result. As they continue to grow, they plan on expanding their office and Data Center solutions to fit their expanding needs.   

“Dan from 123NET came and offered us a deal when no one else would. Between bringing new high-speed reliable internet, direct connection to their data center, and very helpful staff, they have solidified us as a customer to grow with.”

Robert Heller
Senior Architect, 365 Retail Markets