Maintaining a high network uptime is critical to the success of today’s businesses. That is why backup solutions, such as IP Failover, are being implemented to avoid downtime. The solution is immediate, cost-effective and it protects connectivity during Internet disruptions. It is a tremendous value for businesses looking to maintain connectivity, stay productive, continue generating revenue and preserve their reputation during otherwise crippling outages.

How It Works

IP Failover equipment is backed by an intelligent system designed to detect ISP disruptions. If there is a problem with the Internet, traffic is automatically transitioned to a predetermined backup connection. Customers are seamlessly routed back to the primary when Internet is restored.

Since 123Net handles public IP addressing, real-time applications are not interrupted during circuit outages. VoIP calls will remain intact. IP Failover is even compatible with MPLS network configurations. Customers can also opt to use a secondary connection from another carrier and 123Net will build virtual circuits over it.

Last-Mile Protection

When primary and secondary connections are transported through the same medium (i.e. Physical cables), it leaves enterprises in a vulnerable position. 123Net’s flexible solution is compatible with multiple fiber, fixed wireless, Ethernet over copper and 4G LTE connections. This protects network connectivity during damages to physical cables caused by construction, car crashes, weather and other uncontrollable events. IP Failover can also be used to maintain connectivity during circuit maintenance.

IP Failover With 4G LTE

4G LTE is a wireless backup solution that integrates perfectly with IP Failover equipment. There are many factors that make it an appealing option as a secondary connection:

  • High Availability: Utilizing nationwide wireless providers, 123Net’s 4G LTE delivers high-speed Internet access to remote sites that may not be able to access traditional backup services.
  • Rapid Deployment: 123Net’s 4G LTE is typically up and running within only 7 to 14 days.
  • Billing: Receiving a primary and secondary connection from the same provider simplifies billing and bookkeeping so customers can focus on business-critical tasks.
  • Cost Effective: Low monthly rates without repair costs.
  • Reliability: 4G LTE provides a redundant connection that is not prone to physical disruptions.

123Net’s IP Failover solution combines high-speed Internet connectivity with immediate, flawless network protection. With IP Failover in place businesses have the peace of mind that their network is protected from the unexpected.

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