123NET's Mission Statement: Building Network to Make Michigan Communities and Businesses the Best Connected on the Planet.

Once, the Internet meant screeching modems and slow-loading pixelated scenes, accompanied by dial-up tones and digital exploration’s thrill. 

Now, it’s indispensable. What was a past pleasure has been woven into our lives, connecting us in unforeseen ways. Having a strong internet is important for businesses, communities, and residents to do well. 123NET works hard to provide internet, data and voice services to the state of Michigan. 

Making Strong Networks

An internet infrastructure needs a solid foundation and 123NET focuses on building a network to support that foundation. By networking to facilitate seamless communication and data exchange, 123NET enables individuals and businesses to connect, share resources, and collaborate effectively in the digital age. 

123NET works with communities, businesses, and municipalities throughout Michigan to determine which areas of the state are unserved and underserved. With these collaborations, 123NET is able to connect these areas with better internet, furthering its mission of making Michigan the best connected. 

Having Their Own Network

123NET owns and operates its entire network. This lets them fully control how the network is built, how it works, and how it can grow.  Owning the network from start to finish allows an internet provider to see how well the network works and ensure that it does not have problems. This control gives customers a smooth experience from start to finish. 

Sustaining Operations 

Taking care of a network is something that never stops. It needs to be watched all the time, and if problems come up, they need to be fixed quickly to keep users online. 123NET puts forth effort to give customers the best customer service, knowing how important it is to have a network that does not go offline.

Putting Customers First 

123NET provides optimal customer service for all. Whether it is a small or large business that needs internet, 123NET works hard to provide 24/7/365 support for all. Each customer is provided with a Customer-Focused Team that is committed to making sure that our customers are successful, valued, and have the best experience in the industry. 

123NET’s Mission, building networks to make Michigan communities and businesses the best connected on the planet, centers on creating, owning, and nurturing a robust network. The commitment to exceptional connectivity and service guarantees success in the digital realm. As tech advances, 123NET will ensure connection support, benefiting all – from businesses to individuals.