Our data centers come with "Smart Hands" onsite technical support that can physically manage your colocated servers and infrastructure.

123NET’s Smart Hands PLUS service ensures that technicians will always be available to address issues with your colocation equipment. Skilled support technicians are on site 24x7x365, prepared to follow your detailed instructions to complete required tasks. The service is a convenient and efficient alternative to hiring third-party vendors.

Quick Response Times

Gain immediate access to equipment with experienced technicians. Smart Hands PLUS eliminates the travel for staff members or vendors who would otherwise need to visit one of colocation data centers. Customers are given peace of mind knowing that access to their colocation equipment is always a quick phone call, email or ticket request away.

Free Up Employees

Smart Hands PLUS frees up your talented employees, so they can shift their focus to more important tasks. Boost productivity by moving colocation maintenance in-house.

Why Choose 123NET’s Smart Hands PLUS? 

123NET’s Smart Hands PLUS service is separated into four categories: asset management, logistics management, on-site support and rack & stack. These categories include tasks like

Asset Management

Audits of spaces & engineering, basic organization/cleaning, confirming power consumption, etc.

Logistics Management

Storage, labeling, packing, shipping, moving equipment, etc.

On-Site Support

Available 24/7, inspections, testing, resets, customer assisted access, etc.

Rack and Stack

New installs, augmentations, equipment removal, cabling, etc.

This solution is available at all of 123NET’s four Tier 3 data centers.

At 123NET, we have a service level agreement, guaranteeing that our staff will respond to your ticket in 15 minutes or less. Our colocation support staff will always be available to help your business reduce the frequency and duration of network downtime.