At a Glance:

A Michigan municipality utilizes 123Net’s cost-effective services to support residents.


City of Auburn Hills




The City of Auburn Hills needed a cost-effective, local company to support daily operations.


The City of Auburn Hills houses 23,000 residents and has a daytime population of 80,000 professionals. 40 international corporations from 32 countries settled in Auburn Hills, including many World and North American headquarters. They also host 22 high-tech parks, a beautiful downtown district, and four universities and colleges.

The Challenge:

The City of Auburn Hills needed a cost-effective internet service provider (ISP) to maintain the 911 dispatch phone system, Cable Channel 17, and provide essential services to residents. They wanted to cut costs while providing outstanding services on a reliable network.

The Solution:

With 123Net, the City of Auburn Hills was able to receive better services using a Fiber PRI, rather than copper, for less than what they were already paying. Receiving higher service levels meant the Information Technology Department could devote their time to more mission-critical tasks than maintaining the network. The City of Auburn Hills’s vision is to have “the heart of a small town that operates with the excellence of a world-class city,” and when seeking out a local ISP, the City found that 123Net had a similar vision in providing the care, service, and support of a small business with the robust infrastructure of national carriers. This level of support and service again allowed the City to focus its efforts where they were needed.

Caleb Purdy, Network Engineer for Auburn Hills, recalls the phone transition being pain-free, “During the phone switch-over with dispatch, everything went smoothly and was switched in tandem. After they moved one, they tested and verified it, then moved the other. It was very thorough.”


With the new network, the Information Technology Department at the City of Auburn Hills can devote their time to livestreaming City Council meetings and Cable Channel 17, maintaining cloud backups and applications, and improving City communication internally and externally. Caleb was impressed with the customer portal, “It’s easy to submit a ticket in under a minute without needing to call. It’s more efficient and let’s me focus on the tasks that need my attention.”


“The Network Operations Center is knowledgeable and friendly and always puts customers first. I’ve recommended 123Net to other municipalities and businesses for their excellent support and reliability,” Caleb commented.

Services Provided:

  • VoIP
  • PRI
  • Ethernet over Fiber