123NET Customer Spotlight: Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO)

CUSTOMER: Detroit Symphony Orchestra 

INDUSTRY: Arts, Entertainment & Recreation 

SERVICES: Fiber InternetFixed Wireless Backup & Voice Services 


At a Glance:

The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) is America’s fourth-oldest orchestra. It has been centered in the City of Detroit for more than 130 years. They performed their first concert on December 19, 1887. The DSO has come a long way through many different challenges during the years. Today, they enter a new era of possibility, including new online concerts every Thursday and Friday that stream for $12 a show or a donation of $125 or more for the whole season.


The Detroit Symphony Orchestra was looking for a cost-effective, dependable network with personalized service to support their regular, global webcasts.

Addressing DSO’s Connectivity Challenges

Seeking Reliability and Redundancy:
The Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO) faced a critical challenge: they needed to enhance their network’s uptime and integrate a redundant solution to support their business operations and online concerts. Ensuring security and peace of mind for their employees while maintaining uninterrupted services for their performances was paramount.

Implementing a Tailored Solution with 123NET

Enhanced Internet and Voice Services:
In response to DSO’s needs, 123NET stepped in to provide a comprehensive solution. They supplied the orchestra with redundant internet and voice services, significantly improving their network’s reliability and redundancy. This strategic upgrade not only bolstered the DSO’s network connection but also fortified their phone system, ensuring a seamless communication channel for the organization. The implementation was designed to instill confidence and provide robust protection against potential disruptions that could adversely affect their operations.

The Impact of Enhanced Connectivity

Uptime, Reliability, and Confidence:
The improvements to the DSO’s network infrastructure and voice services have had a profound impact. The organization now enjoys increased redundancy, enhanced reliability, and a notable uptick in uptime. These advancements have been instrumental in maintaining a solid connection with their audience, especially crucial during their online concerts. The DSO can now operate with confidence, knowing their voice and internet services are secure and dependable. This level of assurance is invaluable, allowing them to focus on delivering exceptional musical experiences without the worry of technical interruptions.

Looking Forward

A Symphony of Connectivity and Performance:
The collaboration between the DSO and 123NET has set a new standard for how connectivity solutions can profoundly impact the arts. As the DSO continues to delight audiences with their performances, they do so with the backing of a robust and reliable network, ensuring every note is heard and every performance is delivered flawlessly. This partnership not only solved immediate challenges but also laid the groundwork for a future where technology and art harmonize to create unforgettable experiences.


“123NET makes me feel like I am their only customer. With 123NET’s end-to-end solutions, my network is easy to manage, and I know we are in good hands.”

Jody Harper, DSO I.T Manager