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Founded over 120 years ago and located in Holland, Michigan, the Central Wesleyan Church’s mission is to Amplify the Hope and Life of Jesus to all people and pursue opportunities to holistically care for the needs of the world. The Church is committed to developing personal and corporate habits that help individuals follow the plans and purposes of their lives. Central Wesleyan Church desires to cultivate relationships where care, challenge and celebration occur.


Central Wesleyan Church needed an internet service provider (ISP) that could ensure a high-performance internet connection that fit within their budget and could improve their overall connectivity. This was no simple task, as the Church frequently live streams its services to a large number of at-home participants – a number that grew dramatically during the pandemic. In the past, the live streams would occasionally freeze or need to be refreshed, interrupting the flow and messaging from the Church. Similarly, the Church had disruption in its video conferencing technologies, which often called for HD video being simultaneously shared with multiple remote locations.  


123NET provided Central Wesleyan Church with fiber internet to ensure faster speeds and performance. For a Church that depends on fast, frequent, and meaningful interactions between its pastors, staff, and members, having robust internet capabilities backed by fiber is an important technological asset. 


123NET’s Fiber Internet provided the church with faster connectivity and more bandwidth, allowing for consistent up-time and improved connectivity. The Church reports that productivity has increased as a direct result of the 123NET fiber installation. The live streamed services are delivered seamlessly across large audiences. Video conferencing has extremely low latency with virtually no dropped frames while maintaining high HD quality throughout.  As a result, the Church now has the technology capabilities it needs in support of its mission to “Amplify the Hope and Life of Jesus.”

“123NET’s Fiber Internet provides us with a fast connection and consistent up-time. It has given our church the ability to have a faster pace at work.”

Paul VanDyke
Technical Director, Central Wesleyan Church