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Innovations Applied was founded in 1997 and is based in Chicago. They provide real time video communications technologies and custom applications to their business and industrial customers. As a full service-digital agency, their offerings include marketing automation, SEO, full UX/UI discovery, and development solutions.

Identifying the Challenge for Innovations Applied

Seeking a Reliable Data Center:
Based in Chicago, Innovations Applied was on a quest for a dependable data center to host their servers off-site. As a company with intensive data needs, they required a managed service provider capable of crafting a scalable, custom solution to ensure uninterrupted business operations and data continuity.

Tailoring the Solution with 123NET

Custom Solutions from 123NET:
123NET’s Data Center emerged as the perfect solution for Innovations Applied. Offering a carrier-neutral environment, the data center provided the essential colocation space, power, and connectivity needed. This setup was designed to guarantee continuous, uninterruptible access to data, catering specifically to the high-capacity demands of Innovations Applied.

Realizing the Results

Uninterrupted Access and Growth:
The decision to store their data off-premises in a 123NET Data Center has significantly benefited Innovations Applied. The company now enjoys high-speed, uninterrupted access to their data, crucial for their real-time video communications. This strategic move has not only enhanced their operational efficiency but has also positioned Innovations Applied for growth, allowing them to keep pace with increasing demand. The partnership with 123NET has provided them with the reliability and scalability they sought, ensuring their business continues to thrive and evolve.

“We provide real-time video communications technologies and custom applications in the health care, banking, virtual event, higher education, e-learning, and business collaboration industries. 123NET makes it possible for a small company like ours to compete with much larger organizations, delivering service that meets and exceeds the highest standards.”

Bill Dunning
Founder, Innovations Applied