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Launching Smart Hands PLUS by 123NET

Elevating Data Center Support:
123.Net, Inc. (123NET), a leading data center and colocation provider in Michigan, is enhancing its service portfolio with the introduction of Smart Hands PLUS. This innovative offering is tailored for enterprises that utilize 123NET’s colocation facilities, providing them with on-site, round-the-clock support.

Key Features of Smart Hands PLUS

Comprehensive 24/7 Assistance:
Smart Hands PLUS is designed to ensure that any emergencies or maintenance tasks are addressed promptly and efficiently. Available 24/7/365, the service encompasses a wide array of duties, from asset and logistics management to on-site support and rack & stack responsibilities. This comprehensive approach ensures that clients’ needs are met at all times, minimizing potential downtime and disruptions.

The Advantages of Choosing Smart Hands PLUS

Stress-Free Colocation Management:
Rocky Maynard, 123NET’s NOC Director, emphasizes the peace of mind that Smart Hands PLUS offers to colocation clients. “Our skilled NOC technicians are always on-site to address any requests promptly,” he notes. This service not only alleviates stress but also significantly reduces the time, labor, and travel costs associated with data center management.

Ideal for Diverse Clientele

Tailored for Colocation Equipment Maintenance:
Smart Hands PLUS is particularly beneficial for firms that rely on vendors or internal IT staff to manage their colocation equipment. The immediate, on-site assistance provided by 123NET’s team helps clients minimize the frequency and impact of downtime, ensuring their operations run smoothly and efficiently.

Availability and Access to Smart Hands PLUS

Accessible Across All Tier 3 Data Centers:
This service will be available across all four of 123NET’s Tier 3 data centers. With a commitment to rapid response, the organization’s service level agreement guarantees that service requests will be addressed within 15 minutes, exemplifying their dedication to client satisfaction.

For those interested in learning more about 123NET’s comprehensive offerings, including Dedicated Internet, Data Center & Colocation, Ethernet Services, Dark Fiber, and Wavelengths, further information is readily available.

123NET’s Smart Hands PLUS service is poised to redefine the data center experience, offering clients an invaluable resource that promises to reduce stress, save time, and cut costs, further solidifying 123NET’s position as a premier service provider.