Hub & Spoke network splash image

Data remains a centralized need for businesses as the world continues to change. With the rapid increase in data demand, 123NET engineered the hub and spoke model. This future-proof solution is applicable to more than just large corporations and can help clients grow, adapt, and pivot their network configuration based on their unique path.

Hub and spoke network topology graph of the 123NET network.

Design of the Hub & Spoke Model

This ‘Hub and Spoke’ model uses private connections to link client network equipment in 123NET’s Carrier Neutral Data Centers (the Hub) to client facilities (the Spoke). Internet, private, exchange, and cloud connections are made in the data center’s hub and transported over private connections back to client sites on the spoke. This results in a system capable of rapidly scaling both the quantity and size of connections. Additionally, 123NET’s carrier-neutral facilities attract new carriers and network providers increasing the number of options clients can leverage to deliver on local, national, or global project requirements.

Who Can Benefit 

With the 123NET Hub & Spoke Model, all necessary resources are within arms reach for clients, creating a long-term, adaptable solution.