Cloud services are gaining more popularity, however, many businesses are still hesitant to adopt them. There are concerns that transitioning data to the cloud will hike up prices, reduce reliability and raise security issues. With 123Net Cloud Connect, that is far from the case. This solution brings network service providers, cloud service providers and enterprises together, allowing them to create private, point-to-point connections.

What Is 123Net Cloud Connect?

123Net Cloud Connect is an Ethernet switching service that facilitates secure, software-defined (SD) connections for direct cloud access with automated provisioning. The fabric directly connects businesses’ infrastructure to the cloud service provider of their choice, including industry leaders Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, Salesforce, Google Cloud Platform and many others. Available across several locations, the solution is designed to provide scalable, agile connectivity. This enables businesses to reach anyone instantly, nearby or across metros, driving the future of business communications.

Reliable Performance

Improve application performance by connecting directly to cloud service providers over a consistent, high throughput path. Cloud Connect empowers customers to determine how and where connections are made, giving them the peace of mind that specific paths will be followed to their preferences. The public Internet is avoided, ensuring that enterprises will receive reliable, low latency connectivity.


Cloud Connect is engineered to keep pace with growing businesses. Delivered through a single, software-defined Ethernet portal via fiber Internet, enterprises can easily scale connection speeds between 50 Mbps and 10 Gbps. Capacity management can be performed at any time over any device.


Create a more secure environment for applications by deploying them within a data center’s local area network. Deploying private connections avoiding the public Internet protects sensitive business data and information as it moves from data centers to the cloud service providers.

Building direct, secure reliable connectivity to cloud service providers via 123Net Cloud Connect allows businesses to take advantage of cloud computing without the hassle. Visit our Cloud Connect service page to see how your enterprise can benefit by bypassing the public Internet to cloud service providers.