Software-Defined Wide Area Networking (SD-WAN) is a service that simplifies networking between offices and branches. Using 123Net’s SD-WAN solution helps businesses monitor their network and effectively manage traffic. Traffic is routed over more economical services, such as broadband, while applications, such as voice and video, are routed over MPLS as needed. Simply put, SD-WAN helps businesses use their resources more efficiently. Here are a few of the biggest reasons why it is creating such a buzz in the telecommunications industry.


SD-WAN is rapidly deployed, eliminating lengthy setup times. From the time the product is activated, businesses can add more WAN connections when needed. As the demand for bandwidth rises it easily scales up to add more firepower. Businesses can also deliver WAN services to remote sites without sending IT personnel.

Pathway Control

Traffic is directed depending on each specific application. Controls are put together at a centralized location and sent out to all other SD-WAN devices. Intelligent pathway control features use application profiles, IP addresses, Quality of Service markings, and even time of day to shape these decisions.

Lower Costs

Businesses can become more reliant on broadband by using fewer private links. Whenever private links are required for quality purposes, the service will automatically switch over from broadband. With this feature, businesses can invest more in cheaper broadband solutions while spending less on private links.


Traffic is encrypted as it transfers between locations while segmenting the network, protecting networks from damage during breaches. It also monitors the amount and type of traffic businesses are seeing, helping IT professionals quickly identify attacks.

Managed Firewall

123Net offers a managed firewall service as part of its solution. The firewall’s best-in-class malware protection, content filtering, and device alerts give 123Net customers the toolset needed to effectively manage network security. 123Net’s managed firewall SD-WAN also supports intrusion protection, a technology that automatically finds and blocks known problems as they arise without user intervention.

Improve your workplace efficiency and save money immediately while benefiting from the industry-leading network security of 123Net’s Managed Firewall SD-WAN. See how Managed Firewall SD-WAN can benefit your business by going to or contacting 123Net today.