123NET network points across Michigan

Boosting Internet Capacity for Grand Rapids Community College

A Collaborative Effort:
On June 12, 2018, Grand Rapids, Michigan, became the focal point of a significant technological advancement. 123.Net, Inc. (123NET) announced their collaboration to enhance Grand Rapids Community College’s (GRCC) fixed wireless Internet capacity to an impressive 2 Gbps. This partnership marks a significant step in expanding their fixed wireless services across Western Michigan, offering enterprises scalable and swiftly deployed Internet solutions.

High-Capacity Wireless Solutions

Expanding Western Michigan’s Connectivity:
The latest initiative by 123NET introduces one of the highest capacity fixed wireless circuits in the region. Bob Evenson, Carrier Relations Manager at 123NET, emphasized the mutual benefits of this deal, noting, “GRCC will continue to receive our high-speed fixed wireless solution, backed by Trivalent’s world-class IT support.” This expansion is not just about enhancing bandwidth; it’s about ensuring reliability and stability for GRCC’s growing needs.

A Partnership Focused on Reliability and Education

Meeting GRCC’s Growing Demands:
GRCC’s recent growth necessitated an increase in bandwidth. The college chose to expand its relationship with 123NET and Trivalent Group, citing their proven reliability and stability. Tim Weber, Senior Account Manager at Trivalent Group, highlighted the importance of understanding GRCC’s needs to serve its students and staff effectively. He stressed the critical nature of constant uptime in education and the benefits of the enhanced bandwidth and resilience this partnership brings.

Ensuring a High-Tech Learning Environment

Supporting Students and Faculty:
Donavan Wallace, GRCC’s Director of IT Infrastructure, expressed confidence that the collaboration would provide students and faculty with dependable access to fast wireless services. Recognizing the increasing reliance on technology in education, he noted, “This partnership will help ensure they’ll have the resources they need in an increasingly high-tech environment.” The initiative is set to transform the learning experience at GRCC, providing a robust infrastructure to support an educational setting that is more connected than ever.