The restaurant needed to update its 60-year-old building’s best-effort internet connection with a dedicated internet access (DIA) business fiber connection for optimal performance and a better dining experience.


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The Highlands Restaurant opened on November 25, 2019, but it had been planned early 2018 with construction beginning then. The restaurant sits atop the Renaissance Center (RENCEN) in downtown Detroit and is the product of McClain Camarota Hospitality. The business is headquartered in Grosse Ile, MI and run by two husband-and-wife couples: Shawn and Holly McClain along with Richard and Sarah Camarota. Shawn and Holly are based in Grosse Ile while Richard and Sarah are based in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to opening the Highlands Restaurant, they have run a number of Las Vegas restaurants: Sage and Five50 Pizza Bar at the Aria Resort & Casino as well as the Libertine Social at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

In creating the Highlands Restaurant, the idea was to appeal to diners of all different backgrounds and to eliminate the traditional tower restaurant and change things up. They replaced the previous Coach Insignia restaurant and faced competition when initially seeking the space.


Highlands Restaurant had to find a dedicated internet connection that provided no interruptions and was able to work within and at the top of the 60-year-old RENCEN tower location.


123NET’s Dedicated Internet Access provides the Highlands Restaurant with a reliable network connection with zero interruptions.


The Highlands Restaurant’s revamped network infrastructure brings redundancy, reliability and failover ensuring an optimal dining experience while allowing their restaurant business to remain connected always without any chance of connectivity loss.


“I needed to find somebody who had an intimate knowledge of the 60-year-old building. They needed to be flexible about our unique needs and special space. We needed to be smart when it came to price as we have numerous cloud applications that need a reliable signal.”

Richard Camarota, McClain Camarota Hospitality Managing Partner