A blog post to learn about t1 disconnects

Soon it’s going to be the end of copper as we know it…The next round of Copper T1 Disconnects are here. As part of the original FCC ruling, as of 2023 – copper circuits will be a thing of the past. These changes will not only affect 123NET Services but also any company that utilizes this specific type of unbundled service. How did we get to this current situation?  

What is the issue? 

Unbundling allows carriers like 123NET to purchase last mile copper, or copper circuits, from a central office to customer locations. Throughout the years – the FCC reviews that competition within the telecommunication industry is still working.   

As a result, ILECs no longer need to furnish access to all unbundled network elements and are actively working to phase out these circuits. They initiated the process by discontinuing Enhanced Extended Loops (EELs) from ILECs. Essentially, this marks the next step in that ongoing progression.

How do T1 Disconnects impact 123NET Services?

These T1 Disconnects affect 123NET Services, including copper transport circuits over a third-party carrier, T1’s Ethernet over Copper, and all remaining copper circuits.

In simple terms, your service is affected if it still relies on copper and travels through AT&T or Frontier.

What are my options as a 123NET Customer affected by T1 Disconnect? 

Many of the impacted circuits for this round of T1 disconnects are near 123NET’s expanded network. 123NET’s Network has expanded greatly over the years, spreading 4,500 miles across the state of Michigan. And for those who are not near 123NET’s network, don’t fret – there is still a solution for your business. An over-the-top solution allows you to use your existing internet connection from another carrier, and lay 123NET Voice Services over it.   

What occurs if no one takes action?

Failing to contact 123NET or your account manager by March 1st, 2023, will lead to an increase in your bill. If there’s still no contact by September 1, 2023, your circuit will experience a soft disconnection, implying temporary disablement. This date, set by 123NET, ensures a solution is in place by the T1 Disconnect drop-dead date, allowing time for permitting, design, and construction.

123NET’s number one priority is to make sure your business has a strategy in place when facing these tumultuous times. Contact your account manager today if your services will face an impact.