In the last few years, users have been cutting the cord to cable and switching over to residential fiber internet for the household. Fiber internet has unlocked new ranges of opportunities that include service connectivity and end-user experience. Additionally, residential fiber internet has taken streaming services to the next level.  

Residential Fiber Internet Benefits 

  • Decreases Latency: Fiber optic cables provide a stable connection, with the speed of light, that minimizes the latency. 
  • Increased Network Performance: Due to a much higher bandwidth capacity, fiber internet can transmit data simultaneously, allowing for smooth streaming and faster data transfers.  
  • Reliability: Fiber internet sends packets of light through glass strands and does not use electricity to send signals.  

Here are the implications of how residential fiber internet will transform streaming services: 

Faster Upload and Download Speeds 

 Fiber internet is expanded to symmetrical speeds, making it easy to upload and download data. By having fiber internet to households, this will produce faster speeds for content delivery with no delays. This means no more pauses or pixelated images and seamless access of live streaming gaming and watching videos in 4k.  

More Users, More Devices  

The increased bandwidth provided by residential fiber internet, is able to have multiple devices to be running at the same time, for a better user experience. This can provide viewers with a level of more detail and clarity, that can help expand the same quality through multiple devices. This means that you can enjoy your usual TV show while your children engage in streaming on their phones and gaming devices. 

Content Diversity and Personalization  

With the faster upload and download speeds of fiber internet, streaming services have more of a variety of content that is accessible to users. This includes content that couldn’t be streamed before due to limited bandwidth capacity. With fiber internet having quicker and efficient data transfers, this gives users more accurate content recommendations and personalized user interfaces.  

Interactive and Immersive Content  

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) can have a seamless streaming experience due to the increased bandwidth with fiber internet. This means that streaming services will develop a more interactive and immersive experience that will leverage these technologies.  

123NET Home Fiber Internet 

123NET’s Home Fiber Internet Service stands out as a reliable and high-speed connectivity solution, delivering an unparalleled online experience for residential users. 

Here are some reasons why users should make the switch:  

-100% on 123NET’s Fiber Network: When connecting the household to residential fiber internet, it is getting connectivity from 123NET’s Fiber Network right outside.  

No Data Caps: There is unlimited bandwidth, so ranging from what the household needs will be a breeze. 

Equal Download and Upload Speeds: Home Fiber Internet fast speeds will help contribute to streaming services, rapid fire sharing, lag-free gaming, stable smart home connections, and uninterrupted video conferencing.  

-No Contract: At 123NET, users’ internet needs can be switched at any time, making it hassle-free.  

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