What is Microwave Technology?

Microwave Technology, a line-of-sight wireless communication, uses specialized equipment to transmit and receive radio frequency (RF) over long distances without the use of wires or cables. Specific RF allows information to be transmitted through extreme weather conditions such as rain, hail, snow, dust, or even smoke.

History Behind Microwave Technology:

In 1865, James Clerk Maxwell used his famous “Maxwell’s equation” to predict that electromagnetic waves existed. In 1888, Henrich Hertz, proved the existence of these waves by building an instrument that not only produced but detected microwaves. After his experiment, other inventors became aware of wireless communications based on their microwave knowledge. This is the origin of the many kinds of wireless communication including AM/FM Radio, 2-Way radio technology, radar systems and the communication systems utilized in telecom industry today.  

Utilizing Microwave Technology in the Form of Fixed Wireless:

Fixed Wireless is communication between multiple points of presence that utilizes Microwave RF to transmit high-speed data. These frequencies permit high bandwidth and low latency, which increases end user productivity. By utilizing fixed wireless, companies eliminate the need for costly and time-consuming installation of cable or local phone lines. There are many advantages for companies that use fixed wireless such as scalable bandwidth, network diversity, and quick installation.  

How 123NET can Help:

123NET’s Fixed Wireless offers ethernet connectivity, supplied by microwave technology. This solution offers a high-speed access alternative for businesses, allowing your company to look past build-out costs and permits with a faster installation timeline. 123NET’s Fixed Wireless can be used as a primary, temporary, or a redundant solution.

Benefits of 123NET Fixed Wireless:

  • Quick Installation 
  • Cost-Effective 
  • Secure 
  • Reliable 
  • Scalable Bandwidth 
  •  Service-Level Agreement 
  • 24/7/365 NOC Support


123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on equipping businesses with an industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses trust 123NET to provide them with world-class connectivity. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others. 



Wholesale Partner Spotlight – RJ Telecommunications


RJ Telecommunications grew their relationship with 123NET based on mutual goals of augmented network growth in fiber and wireless but also providing customer service and helping their clients in a North Star Decision Making Process.

Wholesale Partner:

RJ Telecommunications

Number of Employees:



RJ Telecommunications began as a company, focused on Cat3/Cat5 Cabling and Nortel Norstar Option switch work. With Nortel going out of business, RJ began to focus its attention on finding their customers another solution. Previously, they connected Nortel Norstar together via the internet and asterisk to allow customers with locations in other states and countries to have calls without a high cost.


Serving Michigan since 1995 to offer excellent customer service with a proven track record of providing and installing telecommunications’ service and equipment.

Services Offered:

Voice, Fiber, Colocation & Other Network Services

Primary Industries Served:

Automotive, Real Estate & Healthcare

Partnership Opportunity:

The mutual advantage came in RJ’s creation of a new revenue stream with premier services to their current customer base and their shared goals with 123NET in being like-minded and working hard to benefit both parties.

RJ Telecommunications and 123NET have spent over a decade working together. In the beginning, there was only one data center and the 123NET offices took up half of the first floor. With 123NET growing and its presence in Michigan increasing, as a result, RJ Telecommunications knows they can rely on 123NET for projects or issues they need assistance with. Excellent customer service continues to stem from this partnership.

Mutually-Beneficial Solution:

With a philosophical backbone and focus on customer service, RJ Telecommunications and 123NET found that they could rely on one another with flexibility in areas such as design and implementation whenever a situation arises. As they grow together in different areas, especially Fiber and Wireless, the two endeavor to increase their partnerships across new projects and campaigns in the future.

About Mark Friday, VP OF RJ Telecommunications:

Mark Friday became interested in technology when he was a kid. He was breaking and fixing the lone computer that was used by everyone in the house. Coming to learn from mistakes and others in the field, he continued to increase his knowledge. The career, he says, chose him. Like most teenagers, Friday started working at the local Meijer in Brighton, where he met the daughter of Robert Jeneraux, the founder of RJ Telecommunications. Through a solid recommendation from his daughter and introduction to Robert, he has worked there for 16 years, becoming Vice President and part-owner of the company.

Under his leadership, he learned a lot of old-school telecom and helped modernize the company with only one customer that had a traditional PBX hanging on the wall. Friday and his company are proud of how far they’ve come and continue to research and plan to continue to grow as well as change with technology. Beyond technology, Friday is interested in movies and if he wasn’t in this field, he would have opened up his own movie theater. He hopes to continue to grow RJ and work with like-minded technologically-interested professionals. 

“This is really an easy answer, reliability! We have SIP Trunks, PRIs, Fiber, Fixed Wireless, and 4G circuits with 123NET. If 123NET was not reliable, we would have been long gone a while ago. Like I have always said to my employees and to 123NET staff, RJ can only be as good and reliable as 123NET is.”

Mark Friday

Vice President, RJ Telecommunications

e: mfriday.rj@outlook.com
p: 248.442.2100
w: rj10.com

Customer Spotlight—Jack Demmer Ford


The automotive group modernized its current network architecture with dedicated and redundant fiber, MPLS, wireless and voice services solutions.


Jack Demmer Ford





Employee Number:



The Jack Demmer Automotive Group story began with the namesake, Jack Demmer spending time around his father, Charles, who originally sold used cars from their home and a small lot in Detroit. After graduating from Wayne State, Ford Motor Company granted them an Edsel franchise in 1957 which became Spitler-Demmer Edsel at a former gas station with a one-car showroom in Nankin Township. This later became Spitler Demmer Ford-Mercury in South Lyon, sharing space with a Ford tractor dealership.

In 1969, they moved to their present location with a 12-car showroom, two-lane service entrance, a body shop, a used car sales and reconditioning office, and an indoor vehicle delivery area. Jack Demmer bought out his partner and it became Jack Demmer Ford. The business opened its Lincoln-Mercury location in Farmington during 1998 and two-years later in 2000, acquired the former Krug Lincoln-Mercury in Dearborn which became Jack Demmer Lincoln-Mercury. After more than 60 years in business, the automotive group remains family-owned and operated.


With multiple locations and buildings, the Jack Demmer Automotive Group was looking for dedicated and redundant connectivity across their network as well as improved voice services. Thanks to 123NET’s DIA and MPLS, the group now has bandwidth throughout their business campuses. They also have an improved phone system that greatly increased communication between the locations and their clients.


123NET provided them with DIA and MPLS as well as voice services. The carrier was successful in improving their overall network infrastructure and delivered the reliability, redundancy and failover they required. This comprehensive solution equipped them to meet their immediate needs and allow flexibility for growth in the future.


Remaking Jack Demmer’s network foundation integrated redundancy, reliability, and IP failover. The additional voice solutions also enhanced overall communications. Both of these 123NET Business Solutions have permitted them to remain connected at all times as well as improve the dialogues taking place around the company.


“Our partnership with 123NET began with a careful and thorough evaluation of our existing network infrastructure and our desire for flexibility and future expansion. 123NET was able to provide several comprehensive plans for comparison and ultimately designed a solution custom-tailored that was specific to our needs.”

Brad Neilson, Dealer Operations Manager, Jack Demmer Automotive Group

Customer Spotlight—Storch Magnetics


The manufacturer aimed to upgrade its network and fasten its response time with 123NET DIA and Voice Services. This allowed more nimble and reliable connectivity for their internet and voice needs.


Storch Magnetics





Employee Number:

20 Employees & Growing


Storch Magnetics was founded by Edward A. Storch in 1952 as an industrial sales organization for home heating furnaces and leak detection fluids. Storch is the first company in the Midwest of the United States that specializes in industrial magnetic solutions. Once known as Storch Products, it eventually expanded to Storch Magnetics, which provides customers with design and manufacturing expertise. Headquartered in Livonia, Michigan, the company provides shipping locations to local, national, and international customers.


Storch Magnetics wanted a solution that allowed their response time to be quicker. 123NET’s Voice Services offered a reliable solution to boost their response time and DIA to supply a strong network infrastructure for their company.


The objective focused on ensuring dedicated network and voice solutions that allowed Storch Magnetics to improve their response time, as well as grant robust network connectivity to their company. 123NET’s SIP, LOOP, and Fax as well as DIA offered a dependable solution to boost their phone services and ensure proper connectivity.


Maturing Storch Magnetics’ network improves their response time, as well as provides reliable connectivity for their company. This allows them to stay connected and to remain confident in their voice and internet services.


“The communication, reliability, and stability 123NET have provided has been great. So far, it’s been a fantastic service and reassuring to have these services combined under one responsible provider.”

Matt Carr, President & CEO, Storch Magnetics

Customer Spotlight—Highlands Restaurant


The restaurant needed to update its 60-year-old building’s best-effort internet connection with a dedicated internet access (DIA) business fiber connection for optimal performance and a better dining experience.


Highlands Restaurant




Dedicated Internet

Employee Number:



The Highlands Restaurant opened on November 25, 2019, but it had been planned early 2018 with construction beginning then. The restaurant sits atop the Renaissance Center (RENCEN) in downtown Detroit and is the product of McClain Camarota Hospitality. The business is headquartered in Grosse Ile, MI and run by two husband-and-wife couples: Shawn and Holly McClain along with Richard and Sarah Camarota. Shawn and Holly are based in Grosse Ile while Richard and Sarah are based in Las Vegas, NV. Prior to opening the Highlands Restaurant, they have run a number of Las Vegas restaurants: Sage and Five50 Pizza Bar at the Aria Resort & Casino as well as the Libertine Social at the Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino.

In creating the Highlands Restaurant, the idea was to appeal to diners of all different backgrounds and to eliminate the traditional tower restaurant and change things up. They replaced the previous Coach Insignia restaurant and faced competition when initially seeking the space.


Highlands Restaurant had to find a dedicated internet connection that provided no interruptions and was able to work within and at the top of the 60-year-old RENCEN tower location.


123NET’s Dedicated Internet Access provides the Highlands Restaurant with a reliable network connection with zero interruptions.


The Highlands Restaurant’s revamped network infrastructure brings redundancy, reliability and failover ensuring an optimal dining experience while allowing their restaurant business to remain connected always without any chance of connectivity loss.


“I needed to find somebody who had an intimate knowledge of the 60-year-old building. They needed to be flexible about our unique needs and special space. We needed to be smart when it came to price as we have numerous cloud applications that need a reliable signal.”

Richard Camarota, McClain Camarota Hospitality Managing Partner

DET-iX Reaches New Heights – 200Gbps Milestone

SOUTHFIELD, MI., May 28, 2020 – Earlier this month, the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX) soars to new heights by surpassing another milestone by reaching over 200Gbps. This news comes one month after achieving 150Gbps.  

The DET-iX was founded in 2014 with nine members. As of May 2020, it has grown to 48 members and continues to rise to new heights. It is one of the largest not-for-profit internet exchange points in the world. DET-iX connects Michigan communities and businesses, allowing members to pass direct traffic freely.

“The DET-iX like other internet exchanges is a simple topology. However, we have an advantage of a 123NET 4,500-mile metro fiber network. This combination allows easy access for members to extend connectivity from the DET-iX to the end users.  For many members, over 60% of their total internet traffic is flowing through the DET-iX for free. ”

Ryan Duda, DET-iX Founder & 123NET CTO 

With new members joining every month, the DET-iX is consistently pushing bandwidth boundaries and connecting new networks. Current members range from local communities to Fortune 500 companies that include automotive, education, telecommunication partners and streaming providers. 


The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX) is a not-for-profit Regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with a switching fabric expanding throughout Michigan. Membership and ports are free. The collaboration of carriers, ISP’s, content providers and enterprise businesses connected to DET-IX allows for traffic to be exchanged freely, rather than paying upstream service providers for the connection and traffic. For more information, visit www.detroitix.com.


123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on equipping businesses with an industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses trust 123NET to provide them with world-class connectivity. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others.