Customer Spotlight – Colasanti Construction Services, Inc


Colasanti Construction Services, Inc


Direct Internet Access & SIP



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In 1953, Colasanti Companies, a family-owned business, started as a small Michigan-based construction company, and since then it has continued to build a reputation as one of the leading self-perform concrete contractors in the United States. Impressively, it has branched off into two separate national companies, known as Colasanti Construction Services, in 25 states. Their offerings include full-service construction management, general contracting, design-build, and self-perform concrete work.


Colasanti Construction needed a local, cost-effective business phone service and internet connection for their headquarters in Macomb, Michigan. They searched for a provider with a reliable billing process and trustworthy technical support system.


Initially, 123NET provided internet via a T1 connection with SIP Trunking to Colasanti Construction Services. Two years later, they were able to scale their services and rely on 123NET to upgrade their T1 connection to a 123NET Fixed Wireless internet circuit.


123NET’s T1 internet and SIP Trunking Services provided Colasanti with a solution that allowed them to expand their business and upgrade their existing phone system. Colasanti was seamlessly transitioned from their T1 connection two years later to a fixed wireless internet circuit, providing them more bandwidth, faster speeds, and enhanced reliability with minimal additional cost.

After years of working together, Colasanti knew it could rely on 123NET to accommodate its growth and needs. 123NET has continued to show its strength and ability to offer service solutions that work for all customer demands, including providing quotes for Colasanti’s construction business which requires temporary wireless internet in its construction trailers on job sites all around Michigan.

“One of the best features of 123NET is the customer service. From the billing to tech support, everyone is super knowledgeable and LOCAL. So, when things are referenced, it is not like I am calling someone out of state if I need help. That is a huge priority to me. The way it looked to me and our executives is 123NET is strictly looking out for us as a customer.”

Will Kosnik

IT Manager, Colasanti Construction Services, Inc

123NET Connects with Bluewater for Additional Canadian Border Crossing

Southfield, Michigan,  June 3, 2021 – 123Net, Inc. (123NET), a Michigan colocation, network, and voice services provider, has connected with Bluewater Regional Networks Inc., a network operator, to improve network speed, cost and diversity for connectivity between the U.S. and Canada, the busiest and most crossed telecom border on the planet. 

The new network linking Sarnia, Ontario with Port Huron and Lapeer, Michigan provides a unique border crossing between Toronto and Chicago without touching Detroit or Buffalo. The new route further addresses the growing but underserved regional needs between Michigan and Ontario with new high-speed connection capability and local diverse access points.

“The new connection with Bluewater both figuratively and literally opens the door for improved connectivity between the U.S. and Canada. Truly effective internet and data connectivity requires multiple, redundant pathways. Working with Bluewater gives 123NET clients Pure Diversity in a Pure Michigan way.”

Bob Evenson, 123NET Carrier Relations Manager

Improved international crossing alternatives are a benefit to any business with operations on both sides of the border. With the new connection, Bluewater’s customers will have access to 123NET’s large Michigan network, and be able to route traffic through the Detroit Internet Exchange, the largest fee free exchange in the world, housed at 123NET’s Southfield headquarters.

“When we built our new international crossing to provide high value disaster recovery capability to the global customers in Southwestern Ontario, we were looking for a great partner who shared our core values to help us reach their U.S. locations. 123NET shares our drive to be the go-to resource for mission critical network operation in the region with both companies becoming stronger as a result of this new relationship.”

Chris Gould, Bluewater Regional Networks’ Chief Operating Officer

Protecting data moving across international borders is becoming more critical for businesses requiring shorter diverse route options between markets. It’s critical for businesses to partner with established service providers and maintain multiple connection points to enhance edge connectivity.

This connection is now live and available to Michigan businesses. 


An affiliate company within the Bluewater Power Group of Companies that has been serving Sarnia Lambton for over 100 years, Bluewater Regional Networks Inc. was formed in 2016 to provide digital infrastructure in Sarnia-Lambton and complete connectivity throughout Canada. Through innovation and vision, we originally evolved from our local utility offerings to provide telecommunications services including data, internet, wireless and advanced cloud services to underserved areas. For more information, contact sales@bregional.com.


123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on equipping businesses with an industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses trust 123NET to provide them with world-class connectivity. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others.



Customer Spotlight – Amphenol Sine Systems


Amphenol Sine Systems


Dedicated Fiber Internet, Business Phone, & Fixed Wireless Back-Up 


Electrical & Electronic Manufacturing

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Amphenol Sine Systems was founded in 1967 and is headquartered in Clinton Township, Michigan. It is a leader in designing, manufacturing, and supplying high performance interconnect systems for a broad range of industrial applications such as: factory automation, alternative energy, motion control and advanced technology solutions for electric vehicles. 


Amphenol Sine Systems needed to upgrade their existing 123NET Fiber Internet, Business Phone, and Wireless Internet Back-Up infrastructure to accommodate an increase in their demand for higher level bandwidth and faster connectivity stemming from a remote working environment.  


The ingenuity and scalability of 123NET’s original infrastructure created an avenue for 123NET to upgrade the services in a fast and reliable manner. So, after 12 years of partnership, Amphenol Sine Systems depended on 123NET to provide a 1 Gbps solution upgrade to support the bandwidth their remote workforce needed. 


When the workforce shifted for Amphenol Sine Systems, quick network modifications ensured their employees could work efficiently and effectively from home. Through 123NET’s clear communication, Amphenol Sine Systems painlessly transitioned to an upgraded network.   

“123NET is always the first option when any technology project starts within our company.” 

Gabriel Mayorga

North America Information Technology Manager – Amphenol Sine Systems

5 Considerations when Migrating Data Center Infrastructure

Choosing to migrate your business’s networking and storage infrastructure to a data center is a serious decision. Even when done correctly, it requires many hours of planning to keep downtime to a minimum. Why then would any business make the decision to move to a data center? There are several factors that often play a role when making this complicated decision. In most cases, businesses are concerned with, or trying to improve one or more of these things:


As one of the most straightforward topics to discuss, this can easily become costly and confusing, if not properly addressed. Your business may require physically diverse connections to comply with business continuity plans. Depending on bandwidth requirements, redundant high-speed fiber entrances can become quite costly. However, when your infrastructure resides in a carrier-neutral data center, obtaining diverse connections from multiple carriers and avoiding single points of failure becomes quite simple. This simplicity lies in the multiple carriers already located in the data center that are a simple cross connect away with no expensive construction required.


Selecting a data center environment that ensures your equipment is remotely and physically reachable by your network admin team is paramount. Data centers that are backed by Service Level Agreements (SLA’s), 2(N+1) power infrastructure, and multiple diverse connections guarantees that your business has the necessary connections to remain in control of your equipment.


Security has never been more important, and data centers can help protect your infrastructure in several ways. Secure facilities utilize the following methods to protect your infrastructure: video recording at every point of entry, badge access with two-factor authentication, physically locked cabinet, and in some cases private suites for additional security. Private circuits, like Ethernet Private Line (EPL), allows you to connect with your remote locations, and is a high-capacity, cost-effective solution for businesses requiring direct connections.


The most overlooked aspect when considering data center migration is compliancy. Many businesses do not carry the certifications that may be required for their industry. Certifications like HIPPA, SOC, and PCI, can be very costly, with some certifications costing tens of thousands of dollars per year to acquire and maintain. When hosting at a data center however, these annual certifications are handled by the facility, and can be provided for a business compliance audit.


Data centers are designed to be scalable to meet the growing needs of businesses. With first right of refusal, space near your cabinet can be reserved for future growth. The most stable data centers are designed, engineered, and constructed with power, battery back-up, and HVAC systems. This provides the most stable environment for your critical networking and storage equipment, all while efficiently scaling connectivity and space.

Next Steps

Once you have decided on a data center, follow 123NET’s Data Center Migration Checklist to ensure your business is successful in transitioning its data to a new facility.



123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on equipping businesses with an industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses trust 123NET to provide them with world-class connectivity. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others. 



Customer Spotlight – Innovations Applied


Innovations Applied


123NET’s Data Center & Colocation Services


Digital Marketing

Number of Employees:



Innovations Applied was founded in 1997 and is based in Chicago. They provide real time video communications technologies and custom applications to their business and industrial customers. As a full service-digital agency, their offerings include marketing automation, SEO, full UX/UI discovery, and development solutions. 


Headquartered in Chicago, Innovations Applied was looking for a reliable data center to move their servers off-site. As a specialized company with high-capacity data needs, they also sought a managed service provider to generate a custom solution that would scale considerably and ensure the continuity of their business. 


123NET’s Data Center provided the company with a carrier neutral space to ensure uninterruptable data access,  colocation space, power, and connectivity.


The availability and reliability of a 123NET Data Center allows Innovations Applied to store their data off-premises. By doing so, it establishes high-speed access to their data with no interruption for their real-time video communications. This results in Innovations Applied being able to grow their business and stay at pace with demand.

“We provide real-time video communications technologies and custom applications in the health care, banking, virtual event, higher education, e-learning, and business collaboration industries. 123NET makes it possible for a small company like ours to compete with much larger organizations, delivering service that meets and exceeds the highest standards.” 

Bill Dunning

Founder, Innovations Applied

Limelight Networks Colocates with 123NET

Southfield, MI – April 15, 2021 – 123.Net Inc. (123NET), a Michigan colocation and network services provider, connects with Limelight Networks, Inc., a leading provider of content delivery network and edge cloud services, to distribute Limelight’s online content closer to end users in the Michigan market.

Today’s launch comes when global streaming and viewer traffic is at their highest historical point due to the impact of the pandemic. Streaming services saw a 47% increase in subscriptions and 16% increase in video consumption due to the increased number of people studying, working, and shopping from home.

As a result of the dramatic increase in streaming, this is a welcomed announcement for Michiganders who use the digital services. The new point-of-presence at 123NET’s facilities enable Limelight Networks to establish servers hosting high-demand content closer to the end-user’s customers in the state, which effectively reduces the distance and the inherent delay in delivering rich content such as live sports and gaming.

Limelight has spent the last 20 years, building a large global network to deliver high performance and assist consumers in streaming videos and digital content. Initially entering the edge computing market in 2018, the content delivery network anticipates that this market represents an important area of growth. To assist with regional expansion, 123NET provides secure and compliant data center services, complete with cross-connect and high-performance computing options.

Limelight Networks Interconnection Manager Matthew Johnson said this is consistent with their geographic strategy of partnering with premier network service partners closer to their end-users.

“Our decision-making focuses on bringing proximity, capacity, and quality to end-users and connectivity into consideration. We chose 123NET because of its strategic Michigan location with a large composite of major networks.”

Matt Johnson, Limelight Networks Interconnection Manager

Noah Lessaris, Strategic Accounts at 123NET, views the data centers as the best way for 123NET to assist in expanding Limelight’s content audience.

“Our facilities are the best connected in Michigan, and that advantage makes it possible to work with Limelight Networks. This growth into our market adds momentum to our mission of improving connectivity for Michigan communities and businesses.”

Noah Lessaris, 123NET Strategic Accounts

Limelight Networks is the newest member to connect to the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX) and its 55+ peering partners. 123NET is also home to the DET-iX, the 9th largest internet exchange in North America.


123NET is a Michigan-based Internet Service Provider (ISP) focused on equipping businesses with an industry-leading data center, network and voice services. Over a dozen Fortune 500 companies and thousands of Michigan businesses trust 123NET to provide them with world-class connectivity. Home of the Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-iX), 123NET operates one of the largest carrier-neutral data centers and peers with technology leaders such as Google, AWS, GM and others.