The Directional Drill Team Member will run a small crew of 4 to 6 people installing fiber optic cable in the right of way (R.O.W.) utilizing directional boring equipment (Vermeer for example) and excavating equipment, as well as other miscellaneous machinery (jackhammers, masonry saws, shovels, hydro-excavating, etc.), used to locate utility lines (Gas lines, water lines, communication cables, etc.) to avoid damages by using the boring machine. When directional boring isn’t required for a project, installing inner duct & fiber optic cable within telecommunication manholes is to be used. The foreman will also ensure industry safety procedures are followed and will verify all vehicles & equipment are operational & in good standing. Company HQ will issue drawings of intended paths & routes to be used on-site and the foreman will determine the best way to accomplish the task and will verify it is done properly. Selected candidates will be trained to ensure they are up to date with all MISS DIG laws and requirements, along with 123NET standards and procedures.


  • Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) Experience
  • Excavator & Heavy Machinery Experience
  • Basic Blueprint Reading Skills
  • Ability to Lift at Least 50 lbs.
  • Valid Drivers License


  • Fiber Optic Cable Pulling & Inner Duct Installation Experience
  • Survey Experience
  • Utility Locating with Miss Dig Experience
  • Chauffer License
  • Class A License
  • MDOT Experience
  • Traffic Control Experience
  • Manhole & Confined Spaces Experience