123Net MPLS Solutions

The flexibility and security of MPLS make it the most popular private networking solution available. Its robust nature allows connection between any type of access circuits (like fiber, wireless, T1, and EoC) and priority routing of traffic.

MPLS Service Overview
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Proven Network

Four Metro Fiber rings and long-haul
optical fiber networks span 3000 route
miles and over 90 nodes throughout the
state of Michigan.

IP Backbone

100 Gbps+ of total upstream capacity connected to multiple Tier 1 carriers,
including Level 3, Savvis, Cogent, XO, Verizon, and Comcast provides
customers with a stable and reliable network.

Experience Matters

123Net is a Michigan business owned and managed by a complete team of
accomplished executives with strong engineering backgrounds and proven success. Headquartered in Michigan, 123Net has been successful in
providing voice, data, and colocation infrastructure services to enterprises, carriers, Internet Service Providers, and Michigan companies since 1995.

Secure & Reliable

MPLS is both a secure, “self-healing” network that maintains multiple routes to cloud-based applications and extends communications across various business locations allowing for superior network connections.

Gain Control Of Your Network

MPLS uses Classes of Service (CoS/QoS) so the network knows which traffic is most important and ensures priority over other traffic.

Create Redundancy

MPLS-based services improve disaster recovery in a variety of ways. Data centers and other key locations including remote backup sites can be connected with multiply redundant ways to other sites on the network.

Measurable Savings

MPLS-based services can reduce costs by 10 to 25 percent over comparable data services. Scalable bandwidth allows for a full mesh network.

123Net Internet Features

QUALITY High-quality voice service (wire or wireless) access, leveraging your existing PBX investment
SPEED Dynamic allocation of bandwidth to prioritize call quality while ensuring maximum Internet access speeds
SIP TRUNKING SIP trunking removes the need for additional wiring from company's address to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PTSN)
COMPETITIVE Competitive pricing and bundling options available

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