123Net owns and maintains its own network ensuring efficient up-time. This allows 123Net to have complete control over the network and development. 123Net employs its own fiber construction crew allowing for ease of build and speed.


Each Fiber development is treated individually and 123Net is constantly expanding its network footprint. By having its own engineering, design and construction crews, 123Net can customize each build to fit customers’ needs.


Fiber technology is the most scalable product that 123Net offers. Other latency methods of delivering bandwidth can not even come close to approaching the types of speeds Fiber can. Circuit bandwidth can easily be upgraded time and time again on the same piece of Fiber without ever modifying it.


123Net Fiber is a great option for businesses that are looking for a highly reliable connection with large bandwidth.

Fiber Internet Service Overview
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123Net Fiber

123Net Fiber brings unrivaled speed, reliability and scalability to businesses. With a network that spans more than 3000 miles, companies of all sizes turn to 123Net Fiber for solutions.


  • Upgrade without replacing circuits
  • Eliminate the need for high-end equipment
  • Increased security and redundancy
  • Quick and simple network scalability


  • 10Gbps circuits available
  • Engineered, built and installed by 123Net’s team
  • Constantly growing network footprint
  • Fast, symmetrical access to 123Net’s IP Backbone

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