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Advanced Delivery Methods Ensure Powerful Speeds and Reliability to Michigan Businesses

At speeds up to 100 Gbps, Metro Ethernet is 10,000 times faster than today’s average Business Internet, allowing instantaneous access to any information via fiber optic and fixed wireless transports.

Fiber Internet for business located in Detroit, Grand Rapids and throughout Michigan

Dedicated Internet Access (DIA) delivers optimal internet speed, security, and reliability throughout Michigan over a statewide, ring protected, gigabit fiber network. The connection is managed in-house, assuring high-performance connectivity and an IP backbone that utilizes BGP blended bandwidth in a carrier neutral format.


Ethernet provides a secure, reliable, high-performance network environment

Ethernet provides a secure, reliable, high-performance environment that helps companies manage data growth and securely access network resources via Ethernet Private Line (EPL) or Virtual Private Line (EVPL).


MPLS service is a secure, private networking solution for multi-location businesses delivered over any type of internet circuit, including fiber, fixed wireless, T1, or EoC.

Multiprotocol Label Switching (MPLS) service is a secure, private networking solution for multi-location businesses delivered over any type of access circuit, including fiber, fixed wireless, T1, or EoC. MPLS provides traffic prioritization and routing to efficiently deliver applications.


Benefit From Unlimited Bandwidth, Complete Service Control & Total Reliability.

Dark Fiber provides IT staff complete control over network management, meaning speed can be increased without incurring additional fees. This secure, scalable, and flexible solution is available via new or existing fiber infrastructure.


cloud access service that provides you secure & high performance VLAN interconnections to multiple cloud providers such as AWS, Azure, Salesforce, others

Cloud Connect creates private connections between business infrastructure and cloud-based applications. Private point-to-point connections avoid the downfalls presented by the public internet and ensures business traffic never touches it.


SD-WAN simplifies the management and operation of a WAN by decoupling the networking hardware from its control mechanism.

Software-Defined Wide Area Network (WAN) is a software approach to managing network connectivity that lowers operational costs and improves resource usage for multi-site deployments. This allows for an optimized WAN that is efficiently using bandwidth and ensuring a high level of performance for critical applications.


After an extensive nationwide search for an ISP that can provide a fiber and PRI circuit, 123Net stood out immediately because of their responsiveness, and how robust their infrastructure was for being a local ISP –  their fiber stretched throughout all of Michigan, which was a necessity for us as we maintain many companies throughout the state.

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Senior Systems & Network Administrator, Federated Service Solutions

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