Partner Program


Your client has unique needs. We have the tools and solutions you’re looking for in a service provider and we speak your language. Let our team help you determine the best solution for your client, whether that be a single service or bundled package.


      ✓ Access to 123Net suite of products
      ✓ Control price and set your own margins
      ✓ Maintain control of customer relationship
      ✓ Co-branded 123Net collateral
      ✓ Sales & engineering support
      ✓ Wholesaler handles customer billing, collections and first level support
      ✓ Access to web portal for quoting
      ✓ Access to knowledgeable, experienced workforce
      ✓ Personalized service


      ✓ Access to 123Net suite of products
      ✓ Build revenue streams with residual commission plan
      ✓ Additional revenue without adding capital investment
      ✓ Sales & engineering support from a dedicated channel manager
      ✓ Co-branded 123Net collateral
      ✓ Pricing contracts & billing managed by 123Net
      ✓ Upfront spiffs & quarterly promotions
      ✓ On-time and accurate commission payouts
      ✓ Access to web portal for quoting


      ✓ Competitive upfront payouts
      ✓ No minimum commitments
      ✓ Customers are billed directly by 123Net
      ✓ Warm leads handled by 123Net sales
      ✓ Referral payment negotiable
      ✓ Relationship confidential

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