Ethernet Services Overview


Available on Fiber · Fixed Wireless · Ethernet over Copper (EoC)

Business data is transported across Point-to-Point Ethernet Virtual Connections (EVCs) according to the attributes and definitions of the E-Line types defined in the Metro Ethernet Forum (MEF) specifications.

The EVC carries data in the form of Ethernet Service Frames from User Network Interface (UNI) to UNI as shown in the diagrams.

EVCs can contain bandwidth profile parameters containing attributes like Committed Information Rate (CIR), Excess Information Rate (EIR), Committed Burst Size (CBS), Excess Burst Size (EBS), Color Mode (CM) and multiple Class of Service (CoS).

123NET’s Ethernet solutions provide a secure, reliable, low latency environment that helps commercial companies manage data growth and securely access their network resources.

Ethernet Private Line (EPL) Service

EPL is a high-capacity, cost-effective solution for businesses requiring direct connections. Data travels securely within a Layer 2 dedicated point-to-point connection. This is an ideal replacement service for traditional TDM point to point service.

Ethernet Private Line

Ethernet Virtual Private Line (EVPL) Service

EVPL is a high-capacity multi-point solution. Data travels securely within a Layer 2 dedicated connection. This is an ideal replacement service for traditional TDM private lines, ATM Layer 2 VPNs, Frame Relay and IP VPNs.

Ethernet Virtual Private Line

Ethernet (E-LAN) Service

123NET’s Ethernet LAN (E-LAN) enables any-to-any connectivity for businesses that need to connect all their locations on a single network. E-LAN brings together cost-effectiveness, speed, simplicity and flexibility in a broadly customizable Ethernet solution. E-LAN provides a multipoint-to-multipoint Ethernet Wide Area Network (WAN) that extends your Local Area Network (LAN) allowing your company’s business-critical applications and data to travel seamlessly across the entire network. E-LAN can move large amounts of information between sites, quickly and securely.

Ethernet Private LAN (EP-LAN) Service

A Port-based Service of E-LAN Service Type that enables Subscribers with multiple sites to interconnect them so that all sites appear to be on the same Local Area Network (LAN) and have the same performance and access to resources such as servers and storage. An EP-LAN service is a highly transparent service that connects multiple UNIs.

Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) Service

A VLAN-based Service of E-LAN Service Type. Some Subscribers desire a service of E-LAN Service Type to connect their UNIs in a network, while at the same time accessing other services from one or more of those UNIs. An example of such a UNI is a Subscriber site that wants to access a public or private IP service from a UNI that is also used for a service of E-LAN Service Type among the Subscriber’s several locations. Ethernet Virtual Private LAN (EVP-LAN) service is specified in this subsection to address this need.


Ethernet Service Features


Included Features Description
Scalable Bandwidth Symmetrical Speeds Ranging from 1.5 Mbps to 100 Gbps
Customer Edge (CE) Installation, Continued Maintenance & Support Included
Customer Portal Web-based Portal Access
Dedicated Support Quick, Friendly & Helpful Support Experience Available 24/7
Service Level Agreement Backed by an Enterprise Grade SLA
Rapid Deployment Using 123Net’s Fixed Wireless Network

Ethernet Service Speeds

Transport Speeds
Fixed Wireless Up to 10 Gbps; Access service that is ideal for businesses requiring a high-speed dedicated connection
123 Fiber Up to 100 Gbps; Access service that is ideal for businesses requiring a high-speed dedicated connection
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