At a Glance:

A municipality utilizes 123Net services to support daily operations and external communications.


City of Southfield




The City of Southfield needed a reliable, redundant network to support its expanding network services for residents.


The City of Southfield is home to more than 73,000 residents, 774 acres of parkland, and 30 miles of biking, hiking, and nature trails. It was recently named the 4th best city for small businesses according to Verizon Wireless, citing a robust broadband infrastructure that allows start-ups to soar. It’s no surprise the City is known as “The Center of It All™” as it contains over 10,000 businesses and more than 100 Fortune 500 companies within its boundaries.

The City prides itself on maintaining clear and consistent communication with its residents, businesses, and other interested parties across multiple active social media platforms, their website, regular City Council meetings, and their cable channel, City Cable 15.

The Challenge:

The City of Southfield was dealing with spotty connections and no backup service. Operating a municipality that focuses on being a source for its residents and businesses to rely on, the Technology Services Department knew they needed a reliable internet service provider (ISP) as their backbone. They also wanted to keep their services local, to support businesses in the area and make sure that they would receive the support they needed quickly.

The Technology Services Department has also been working diligently to reduce costs by relying more heavily on cost-effective, efficient technology. Choosing a cost-effective ISP was key for the City.

The Solution:

By selecting 123Net, the Technology Services Department felt good about supporting a local business and knew that their network would be reliable with a Fiber backbone. The City opted to add a redundant Fixed Wireless backup option as well to ensure that it would have a strong connection to support its residents


With the Fiber and Fixed Wireless backup in place, the City of Southfield is able to provide its residents and businesses with services that make their lives easier, such as paying utility bills and viewing their City Cable 15 programming online. Having a backbone that is dependable has allowed its employees to focus their energy elsewhere, making sure that they are utilizing technology to its fullest extent. The City will also be able to scale the technologies they use, knowing that the services they receive will continue to be cost-effective and grow with them.


123Net’s close proximity to the City of Southfield’s municipal complex allows them to provide an outstanding service level to the City.

Services Provided:

• Fiber Optic Internet
• Fixed Wireless Internet