Help the company grow, and the sales team flourish with your efforts!

Daily, Business Development Representatives are responsible for generating business opportunities from new and existing businesses (win-back) through making cold calls, answering chats, sending emails, and leading high-level discovery calls with prospects. The ultimate goal is to book sales appointments that eventually turn into sales opportunities. Once a meeting is booked, the BDR passes the prospect off to an Account Executive (AE).

The initial strategy would be to work through warm leads. Working warm leads will help the BDR get accustomed to working with prospective buyers and perfect the 123NET qualifying process. Once the BDR has shown they can handle the warm leads, they will tackle their outbound sales strategy.

The BDR critical responsibilities will include:

  • Answering the sales line
  • Responding to LiveChats
  • Setting meetings for the sales team
  • Become an expert in the service offerings so that you can think on your feet
  • Make presentations
  • Help proposal creation
  • Remote prospecting (Phone, email, social media, etc.)
  • In-person prospecting (Meeting clients face-to-face)
  • Operate within client reacquisition
  • Engage daily with potential new leads and provide impeccable customer support to each individual
  • Liaison between Sales and Clients
  • Focus on deadlines
  • Managing client relationships
  • Understanding client needs
  • Help in the creation of Key Performance Indicators (“KPIs”)
  • Attending events (virtual and in-person)

Desired Attributes:

  • Service Quality: Exceeds the customer’s (both internal and external) needs in every interaction.
  • Teamwork: Ability to demonstrate the cooperative spirit and capacity to work well as a team member.
  • Problem Solving: Recognizes and defines problems; analyzes relevant information; encourages alternative solutions and plans to resolve situations; seeks additional assistance when needed.
  • Communication: Reviews customer deadlines and requests additional necessary details from supervisor and or coworkers. Actively listens to coworkers and management and works together to solve the problem through effective communication.
  • Positive attitude and professional demeanor
  • Personal confidence and genuine aspiration to help our clients.

Skills, Attributes, and Qualifications:

  • No experience required in sales or customer service but willing to train.
  • Passion for a long-term career in sales.
  • Aptitude and passion for technology in general.
  • Great communication skills.
  • Experience interacting with customers.