Job description

As 123NET’s Design team is rapidly growing, we need more Design Coordinators. A Design Coordinator would be responsible for preparing a complete package consisting of utility maps/county drain info, FOIA for the design team. As a Design Coordinator, you help cut down the time spent on projects for multiple designers to keep the workflow running smoothly.


  • Enter Miss Dig Design Tickets for all projects and keeps track of utilities as they come back through email.
  • Send County Drain Requests.
  • Send FOIA Requests.
  • Reaches out/Follow up with City/County/Municipality for utility maps and row information.
  • Sort and Upload Utility Maps, County Drain Maps, FOIA Requests into the share drive and into portal.
  • Makes sure the designer has all utilities needed for them to complete the design.
  • Assist with FTTH Projects.
  • Work with Contractors to make sure they receive all utility information to complete their projects.
  • Make sure County Drain and GLWA Emails also get saved under the Permits folder for record.
  • Make phone calls to municipalities to obtain utility maps.
  • Organize meetings between designers and municipalities.
  • Organize maps to be picked up from municipalities.
  • Travel to the office to obtain FOIA information that is mailed.
  • Is in contact with all designers to discuss what they are waiting on for projects.
  • Is in contact with fellow work employees via Teams to answer any questions.


  • Experience using Miss Dig
  • The ability to work with multiple designers at a time
  • Communication skills- Must be comfortable with reaching out and making phone calls to municipalities. It is important to know how to kindly speak to others and how to approach asking for information. This will help us to keep great relationships with municipalities.
  • Organizational skills-Hands are in multiple projects at once and dealing with multiple people/places at once. Independent- Design Coordinators should have all the tools they need in order to get the information needed for projects. Being able to problem solve independently is important. Always use your resources/contacts to try to figure out how to obtain information your designer may need
  • .Attention to Detail- Making sure all streets of all projects get their own miss dig ticket. Some projects have up to 30 tickets. It’s important that the utility companies are responding to all our streets we need and not just a select few.
  • Time Management- Attends meetings throughout the day. Makes sure to follow up with designers/municipalities in a reasonable time. Knows how to prioritize projects. (Gold Orders)
  • Learning/Growing- Staying up to date on the miss dig website. Making sure the contacts list is staying up to date. People who we obtain utilities from might leave or retire and it is our job to get a new contact in replacement so we can continue to receive the information we need.