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This position is hands-on electrical work throughout 123Net offices. From minor repairs to maintenance to complex installations, this role is critical in helping maintain 123Net’s infrastructure.


The Electrician’s key responsibilities include performing complex electrical work in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment, fixtures and wiring.

  • Fabricate and install control and distribution apparatus, including switches, relays and circuit breaker panels, fastening them in place with screws or bolts
  • Connect wiring to lighting fixtures and power equipment, using hand tools
  • Cut, thread, bind and route conduit lines, and pull wire through conduit by means of fish tape
  • Dismantle and repair equipment, replacing defective wires, motor brushes, condensers and burned out fuses
  • Test continuity of electrical circuits in installed or repaired equipment, using electrical measuring instruments
  • Analyze malfunctions of electrical equipment, using ammeter, voltmeter, ohmmeter drawings and visual inspection
  • Perform preventive maintenance activities, including periodic visual inspections, taping frayed or exposed wires and securing loose connections
  • Cut or bore through walls, ceilings or partitions
  • Read and interpret blueprints, diagrams, sketches, circuit diagrams and job specifications
  • Prepare records and service reports of materials and time expended
  • Install and operate public address equipment and temporary lines for electrical services. Required Qualifications*
  • Ability to read and interpret blueprints, sketches and diagrams
  • Considerable knowledge of the equipment, methods and materials involved in electrical work
  • Reasonable knowledge of the maintenance requirements of electrical equipment, fixtures and devices
  • Reasonable manual dexterity and mechanical aptitude
  • Reasonable experience in the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical equipment and devices


  • Using electrical test meters and ohmmeters, they will ensure the continuity of wiring to ascertain compatibility and safety of the components
  • Must have experience working with many standard hand tools including; sawzalls, screwdrivers, pliers and knives. Heavier equipment may be provided by the employer
  • Must also be familiar with using power tools, test meters, pipe threaders and conduit benders
  • Graduation from high school and specialized training in electrical work
  • Posses a State of Michigan Journeyman’s License or Master’s Electrician License

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