Detroit Internet Exchange


Peer ASN IPv4 Address IPv6 Address Policy 12129 2607:f790:100::123 Open
A2 Hosting, Inc. 55293 2607:f790:100::4 Open Telecom, Inc. 14103 Selective
Acenet, Inc 22878 2607:f790:100::17 Open
Active Solutions Group 62588, .11 2607:f790:100::10, ::11 Open
Akamai Technologies 20940 2607:f790:100::14 Open
Clear Rate Communications, Inc 22438 2607:f790:100::13 Open, LLC 26271 2607:f790:100::16 Open
Comlink, LLC 30517 2607:f790:100::18 Open
Google Inc. 15169 2607:f790:100::20 Open
MojoHost 27589 2607:f790:100::8 Open
LightSpeed Communications, LLC 63242 2607:f790:100::6 Open
ManagedWay Company 53292 2607:f790:100::2 Open
Network Services Group 15154 2607:f790:100::19 Open LLC 36444 2607:f790:100::5 Selective
Spartan Net 10423 Open
US Signal 26554 2607:f790:100::7 Open

Detroit Internet Exchange


The Detroit Internet Exchange (DET-IX) is a not-for-profit Regional Internet Exchange Point (IXP) with switching fabric located in Southfield Michigan. Membership and interconnection is free. The collaboration of carriers, ISP’s, and Enterprise Businesses connected to DET-IX allows for traffic to be exchanged freely, rather than paying to make the connection.



Peering with local and regional networks shrinks the diameter of the internet. DET-IX members experience reduced latency and hops by peering to other connected networks. This brings your network closer to your customers, and brings your customers closer to members content. Besides better connecting your network, peering adds real cost savings.

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We have built and own an extensive wireless network, allowing for keen expertise not found with most providers.

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